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May 30, 2009

Fairhaven Pizza Company

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It has been outrageously beautiful in Bellingham. Sun, warmth, everything blooming. On Saturday the Bellingham Community Boating Center had an open house with free boating and instruction. They cater to people who like to get on the water in a kayak, canoe or a sailboat under 26 feet. My older son has been sailing on the bay and lakes in smaller sailboats for a few years now and as soon as the wind and clouds start looking good to him in the Spring, he has sailing on the brain. So, an open house at a new place was just the cure. He and his brother had a blast! After signing a waiver, they were off and sailing with a crew on a 17 foot sailboat for the afternoon. Clearly a different experience from sailing bytes and lasers by yourself! Remember:  the most important part of the boat is the drain PLUG!

When they were all done and sailed out, we agreed they could walk up to Fairhaven Pizza Company and get a late lunch. I’m sure they were purposeful and proud as they strode up Harris and over to the pizza place. They said they were treated ‘FANTASTIC’. They were very well respected and devoured some delicious pizza. My boys are 13 and 11 years old. They have been to Fairhaven Pizza many times with the family. They have received free personal size pizza‘s as rewards from the Library summer reading program coupon the owner generously donates. He is Tom Traibush and I think he has a great personality, not to mention outstanding foods!

I don’t see kids handling themselves around Bellingham/Fairhaven much, but I was taking my 3 year old sister to Pizzarama when I was 11. It was a 7 block walk and I had $2 to buy us each a slice, drink and Italian ice. And that was in NYC. It’s still there – 3715 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing (no jokes allowed). Time for the kids to take back the pizza place. I think the previous generation was at the burger joint? the soda fountain? Just trimming the apron strings…

1271 Harris Avenue (next to Trek Video)   756-7561

June 13, 2008

Cicchitti’s Pizza in Bellingham, WA

Pizza is a very personal food. Anyone I ask will have a favorite style pizza. Thick crust, thin crust, mozzarella cheese, mixed cheese, sweet versus sour tomato sauce. And don’t forget the extras!

My pizza memories began when Dad would give me $2 and my sister and I would walk down to the corner pizzeria at 38th avenue and Francis Lewis Boulevard in Bayside. We would each get a slice of pizza and have enough money left for Italian ices. And pizza has been a staple in my diet ever since.

Cicchitti’s Pizza tastes very much like those early memories: thin, crisp crust with a sour/spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella trails left hanging after a bite. It even drips a bit of oil when I fold it in half (the real way to eat a slice). And although the Bayside pizzeria had a linoleum floor, the wood floor at Cicchitti’s looks way better. They bake delicious calzones and strombolis, too. The salad bar is simple and fresh with crisp lettuce, black olives and pepperocini among the choices.

The kids and I really enjoy the atmosphere in its big wide open room and red/white striped table clothes. And when a server comes out with a meal they try to guess who’s order it is. I suggest numbers on the table. She touches her fingertips together and bounces her wrist in the old Italian gesture saying: Honor system, you know. Just like back in NY.

April 1, 2008

Tino’s Pizza & Pasta

A teacher friend of mine who relocated from Queens, NY to Bellingham clued me in to Tino’s Pizza. It was in Sudden Valley, which if you’re familiar with Bellingham, is considered a trek from town. But I grew up in NYC. They don’t know what a trek is around here. A trek is going down to Seattle, ok?

My opportunity for this trek came in the form of soccer practice. Its location was changed from the Carl Cozier fields (1 mile drive) to the Sudden Valley fields (6 miles). And I had to pass Tino’s Pizza to get there.

Well, what a wonderful Italian restaurant. And I know, because I had to live in NJ for 18 years.

It was busy, smelled fresh and tomato-ey and the patrons were laughing. I ordered a pepperoni pizza to go and I was happy to get 1 slice. Even the 5 year old cried for it. One thing I welcome back about NJ is the taste of Tino’s Pizza. It’s worth the drive and next time I will sit ‘n stay ‘n stuff.

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