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September 26, 2008

Cosmos Greek Restaurant in White Rock, BC

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Debbie says her VERY favorite restaurant is Cosmos Greek Restaurant in White Rock, BC. It’s food and service and entertainment outdo any other Greek restaurant in the area. By entertainment, she means Friday and Saturday night male and female belly dancing.

Can you here my finger chimes? (a gift from MIL during a stay in Jeddah)

14871 Marine Dr, White Rock BC


PS MIL is my world traveled mother-in-law.

September 25, 2008

QQ Li’s Chinese Cuisine Bellingham

Behind REI in the Starvin’ Sam’s strip is a new wonder: QQ Li’s Chinese Cuisine. I love saying it: QQ Li’s Chinese Cuisine. ok

As you ply your way through the students, you too will have a happy face after you see all the choices and prices! The space is bright airy and clean with a few tables and a very long counter filled with food. I just stood there with my mouth open trying to figure out what I wanted – it was so hard to narrow it down. I ordered a 3 item combo with fried rice: chicken with broccoli, sesame chicken, peppered chicken. Cluck.

I gave the chicken and broccoli to Wendy and she said Kevin ate it all. I shared the rest with my family – we thought it was great.

The menu has appetizers, many soup choices and all the standard Chinese foods you would expect. There are combos and family meals; chef specials and BBQ plates.

QQ Li has been on vendor’s row at WWU (listen’s to student input). She’s the owner’s daughter at Hawaiian BBQ & Noodle House (good training grounds). I think it’s a success.

505 32nd St


September 23, 2008

Torre Caffe Italiano

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Mary, I chose Torre Caffe Italiano as my birthday breakfast treat.

Beautiful Italian music wafted through the air outside the caffe; a traditional draw for street passerby. I sat outside in a wrought iron chair in the sun waiting for Wendy to share the experience.

We both ate the veggie breakfast meal: toasted rosemary english muffin with egg cheese tomato and pesto (no pesto for Wendy). It was simply the perfect taste and portion for breakfast (served by my mother, oops, Mary’s mother). I had a pot of Numi tea and Wendy had the best cup of coffee she’s ever had in Bellingham.

That should say it all.

The caffe is clean and cozy with warm earthy colors throughout. The best part for me is the owners’ Italian accent. I am in NYC again. Amen.

I will be going back to sample LUNCH (lasagna) and dessert (cannoli).

119 N Commercial St


September 22, 2008

Wendy remembers crispy wonton noodles and duck sauce

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Wendy agrees with me; the Chinese restaurants in Bellingham are missing the crispy wonton noodles and duck sauce. She has them when she goes out to eat in Santa Barbara, CA. So, why aren’t they in Bellingham, WA?

Actually they can be found at the Chinese Market next to Speak Ez’s Memphis BBQ. They’re in a bag and not as fresh as would be if served before a restaurant meal.

Perhaps it is a menu item and not a freebie on the table. I’ll have to eat at more Chinese restaurants to find out…but, right now I’m recovering from our Stimpson Nature Preserve hike this morning (we’re not cougar food today).

September 20, 2008

Mykonos Greek Restaurant

Dimitri Kaplaneris is a wonderful car salesman at Dewey Griffin here in Bellingham. He has been very patiently helping me sort through Subarus. He is originally from Athens and has a favorite restaurant in Bellingham: Mykonos Greek Restaurant. He should know good Greek food, no? I trust his opinion. I’m going for taste test.

Who should I take with me? If I tell you when I’m going to be there, will you join me?

1650 West Bakerview Rd


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