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June 19, 2009

The Fork

The Fork. It conjures images of food. It will also conjure images of white table linens, muted lighting and soft moss colored walls.

Go ahead and take the drive to North Whatcom Lake. Enjoy the scenery, the winding road, the smell of green. At journey’s end, you will find a restaurant with touches of perfection. Solid wood floors, comfortable seating. 2 bars: 1 for imbibing and 1 for the wood fire cooking. And your server will be very nice and subtle in her attention to your needs. The table is kept clean – no tea bag pouches, no dirty dishes, never an empty coffee cup. The Fork serves Stumptown Direct Trade Coffee. My breakfast partner rated it a 7 out of 10. He gave  Moka Joe a 9+ and Starbuck’s a 5. You decide. I drank Mighty Leaf chamomile tea and was very pleased; an 8 to Spice Hut‘s 10.

Obviously, we went for breakfast. I ordered the Smoked Salmon & Baked Egg Sando in red onion, cucumber, tomatoes and yogurt dill sauce. It came gyro style and was delicious. Tom ordered the Daily Omelet with house potatoes and toast. The omelet had Italian sausage,  sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach and manchego cheese. I was allowed a small taste – he thoroughly enjoyed it. What stood out with our meal were the flavor bursts. My salad had some stewed tomatoes and the sun-dried tomatoes in the omelet were very tasty. Tom’s omelet included ample whole gently-baked garlic cloves.

In fact, Tom very much liked The Fork and said we would be back. He doesn’t say that about very many places at all. It makes perfect sense once you know the restaurant’s he has worked/trained in.  He had humored me this morning by agreeing to play guinea pig with me,  but later noted that the wine list included his favorite Pinot Noir (Argyle) by the glass, which demonstrated  good taste as well as economic wisdom.  Needless to say I was relieved the experience didn’t dissappoint.  Tom did come away with a few mosquito bites… a wet morning on the north side of the lake, doors wide open for the fresh morning air. Or perhaps it was because of the fresh fruit berry compote he enjoyed.

Some other breakfast offerings at The Fork at Agate Bay are Biscuits & Country Gravy with 2 eggs, house potatoes; Georgia’s Peach-Stuffed French Toast with Russell’s Chantilly Cream. There’s more – including a large tray of morning breads/muffins/pastries. Visit and find out.

Stand-outs on the lunch menu are Curried Marcona Almonds, Nectarine & Strawberry Salad with organic greens, candied walnuts, manchego and balsamic vinaigrette. There is a Grilled Jerk Chicken Sandwich and a Wood-Fired Portobello Sandwich. The Fork makes what they call ‘Firebreads’: Sausage & Apple and “Mario & Luigi” (pepperoni or cheese).

What I would like to try for dinner on my next visit: Dungeoness Crab Cake-Potato Napolean, Nectarine & Strawberry Salad, and Cedar Plank Wild Salmon (sunchoke potato puree, wild mushroom & asparagus succotash with black pepper butter).

Breakfast 8-2pm, lunch 10-2pm and dinner 5:30 til closing.

See also “the Fork at Agate Bay“. Find it at the fork of Y and North Shore Roads in Bellingham.   733-1126

June 5, 2009

Rocket Donuts

The Rocket Donut special is a cinnamon s’more donut. Celebrate Donut Day and patronize your local donut shop. You’ll get some fresh donuts, coupons for freebies and rocket keychains. And you’ll be happy to know 5% of all sales are donated to Salvation Army.

This isn’t a new tradition. As the story goes…it all began in August, 1917:  WWI, fighting in France, rations low. The Salvation Army gals made donuts from staples on hand to sustain the troops. Of course, they became hugely popular – both the girls and the donuts. War ends, soldiers go back to America and demand donuts. Bakeries comply with the help of the Salvation Army. So you see, the Salvation Army and donuts are tight. Might not even HAVE donuts in the US if not for them.

As it stands today, the Salvation Army will provide free coffee and donuts to our Rescue Heroes, those they save and all in need. Cool.

You can find an original donut recipe on the Salvation Army website, and a here’s list of donut shops in Bellingham.

Corner of Holly & Bay in Downtown Bellingham   671-1111

Prospect Street Cafe

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It was time to celebrate. I think wedding anniversaries and birthdays are special occasions worthy of excess. They are the celebration of an enduring existence. And since my marriage has been enduring very well for quite a long time we toasted it with Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne at Prospect Street Cafe.

No reservations. Open Wednesday to Sunday 5pm to close. Menu ever changing in step with the season and local produce, and Chef/Owner Spencer Santenello’s VIVID imagination!

Our server was very nice. We worked together to pop the champagne bottle’s cork. It tasted soft bubbled sweet tart.

Here’s to “How many?!” Here’s to “That many more!

As we mulled over which special to have, I noticed an elderly couple being seated nearby. They were dressed for occasion with a little bling and a lot of sparkle in the eye. Just sets the mind to wondering of the future…We both chose a fresh seafood special and I had a house salad. Tom selected ahi tuna prepared 3 different ways: tartare with crisp julienned greens, seared with cumin seeds and papaya, and seared with sesame seeds topped with roe on a bed of rice. All 3 set in delicious sauces. All 3 distinct and flavorful. I ate whole mustard crusted salmon with a potato latke. My house salad had cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sesame-miso vinaigrette. Excellent.

Prospect Street Cafe is the best gourmet restaurant we have experienced in Bellingham. Thank you, Chef Santenello!

114 Prospect Street (across from the Museum)    714-8262

May 30, 2009

Fairhaven Pizza Company

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It has been outrageously beautiful in Bellingham. Sun, warmth, everything blooming. On Saturday the Bellingham Community Boating Center had an open house with free boating and instruction. They cater to people who like to get on the water in a kayak, canoe or a sailboat under 26 feet. My older son has been sailing on the bay and lakes in smaller sailboats for a few years now and as soon as the wind and clouds start looking good to him in the Spring, he has sailing on the brain. So, an open house at a new place was just the cure. He and his brother had a blast! After signing a waiver, they were off and sailing with a crew on a 17 foot sailboat for the afternoon. Clearly a different experience from sailing bytes and lasers by yourself! Remember:  the most important part of the boat is the drain PLUG!

When they were all done and sailed out, we agreed they could walk up to Fairhaven Pizza Company and get a late lunch. I’m sure they were purposeful and proud as they strode up Harris and over to the pizza place. They said they were treated ‘FANTASTIC’. They were very well respected and devoured some delicious pizza. My boys are 13 and 11 years old. They have been to Fairhaven Pizza many times with the family. They have received free personal size pizza‘s as rewards from the Library summer reading program coupon the owner generously donates. He is Tom Traibush and I think he has a great personality, not to mention outstanding foods!

I don’t see kids handling themselves around Bellingham/Fairhaven much, but I was taking my 3 year old sister to Pizzarama when I was 11. It was a 7 block walk and I had $2 to buy us each a slice, drink and Italian ice. And that was in NYC. It’s still there – 3715 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing (no jokes allowed). Time for the kids to take back the pizza place. I think the previous generation was at the burger joint? the soda fountain? Just trimming the apron strings…

1271 Harris Avenue (next to Trek Video)   756-7561

May 29, 2009

Wednesday Farmers Market @ Fairhaven Village Green

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Couldn’t make up your mind between the Ski to Sea Parade and the Farmer’s Market this past Saturday? BEWARE: the SUN has come out in Bellingham and there is absolutely NO WAY you are going to be able to attend all the happenings in our town now! So, if you were pining after those beautiful little French radishes or the Easter egg radishes you have another chance to snatch them up. Beginning June 4th, the farmers will be at the Fairhaven Village Green.

My favorite way to eat the French radishes is just plain old salted, merci beaucoup.

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