BellingHamEats.com is a foodie blog from a foodie family in Bellingham Washington 98225. We love food and especially food prepared by talented people striving to please us! From day to day, meal time to meal time, we explore Bellingham and Whatcom County restaurants, the restaurants of the neighborhoods of nearby British Columbia (including Vancouver, Richmond, and the lower Canadian mainland) and bring you reports from the table. We have kids, but we are also romantic, so whenever possible we report on everything from eating out with kids in Bellingham to enjoying a romantic dinner for two in Seattle.

From the primary author and Mom,

“I write this blog because I eat: in and out. And when I eat I remember things. To hold strong a memory, I believe it should involve all my senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, sound. A meal with my family around the table has all these components: my partner engaging our inquiring children, the garlic and chocolate from our meal. If you desire a memory to hold true for years to come, create a complete picture involving all of the senses and live in its moment with your whole self. The  memory will always find a quick path to your present.”

Feel free to comment on the topics discussed, and add your own suggestions for dining out around Bellingham Washington!