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May 30, 2009

Fairhaven Pizza Company

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It has been outrageously beautiful in Bellingham. Sun, warmth, everything blooming. On Saturday the Bellingham Community Boating Center had an open house with free boating and instruction. They cater to people who like to get on the water in a kayak, canoe or a sailboat under 26 feet. My older son has been sailing on the bay and lakes in smaller sailboats for a few years now and as soon as the wind and clouds start looking good to him in the Spring, he has sailing on the brain. So, an open house at a new place was just the cure. He and his brother had a blast! After signing a waiver, they were off and sailing with a crew on a 17 foot sailboat for the afternoon. Clearly a different experience from sailing bytes and lasers by yourself! Remember:  the most important part of the boat is the drain PLUG!

When they were all done and sailed out, we agreed they could walk up to Fairhaven Pizza Company and get a late lunch. I’m sure they were purposeful and proud as they strode up Harris and over to the pizza place. They said they were treated ‘FANTASTIC’. They were very well respected and devoured some delicious pizza. My boys are 13 and 11 years old. They have been to Fairhaven Pizza many times with the family. They have received free personal size pizza‘s as rewards from the Library summer reading program coupon the owner generously donates. He is Tom Traibush and I think he has a great personality, not to mention outstanding foods!

I don’t see kids handling themselves around Bellingham/Fairhaven much, but I was taking my 3 year old sister to Pizzarama when I was 11. It was a 7 block walk and I had $2 to buy us each a slice, drink and Italian ice. And that was in NYC. It’s still there – 3715 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing (no jokes allowed). Time for the kids to take back the pizza place. I think the previous generation was at the burger joint? the soda fountain? Just trimming the apron strings…

1271 Harris Avenue (next to Trek Video)   756-7561

May 29, 2009

Wednesday Farmers Market @ Fairhaven Village Green

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Couldn’t make up your mind between the Ski to Sea Parade and the Farmer’s Market this past Saturday? BEWARE: the SUN has come out in Bellingham and there is absolutely NO WAY you are going to be able to attend all the happenings in our town now! So, if you were pining after those beautiful little French radishes or the Easter egg radishes you have another chance to snatch them up. Beginning June 4th, the farmers will be at the Fairhaven Village Green.

My favorite way to eat the French radishes is just plain old salted, merci beaucoup.

The Daisy Cafe Needs to Offer a Meal Plan

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I was looking for comfort food this morning and my partner was looking for some company before the day’s work consumed HIM. The Daisy Cafe was the place.

I had eaten lunch with the children there, but was eager to sample breakfast. The space is bright and airy with tables and a counter. The counter is always a draw for us because we both love to watch the kitchen at work. We were impressed. This was not the typical kitchen. No griddle here – lots of flames going; each meal cooked from scratch.  All menu choices could be customized without anyone making a face. FRESH FRESH FRESH.

Our server was Chase and he was as sweet and sunny as the generous wedges of orange on our dishes. Our first question was if they had a meal plan for people who would like to eat here often. He laughed and said ‘Get a job here, that’s what I did!’

The menu had so many great choices: scrambles and frittatas, pancakes and their famous cinnamon orange french toast. I ordered the french toast and one scrambled egg and it was excellent. It went down very fast – good thing my partner had ordered something big enough to share:  the ‘Geneva – a scramble of eggs, chorizo, spinach, cheese and some secret ingredient that made it taste prefect (kidding on the secret ingredient). It came with well seasoned potatoes, delicious dark rye toast and home made Pico de Gallo. The Pico de Gallo was fresh and the best touch to flavor the scramble. The Daisy Cafe serves Tony’s Coffee for him and BIG individual pots of tea for me.

While we were there, Baker Drew made his first bagels and I had to get a taste. Bagels are a devil of a thing to get right. My partner made them in a past life  – mmm, I can smell them now. Drew did alright, just rose a little to high so there was no hole. Keep at it!! Toasted bagel sandwiches look good on the menu.

Since we will be returning, I glanced at the children’s menu:

The O’le Onsie – 1 pancake, 1 egg, 1 meat
The O’le Twosie – 2 famous cinnamon orange french toast
The O’le Cheesie – 2 scrambled w/American, potatoes and toast
The O’le Wellatleasthey’reating – a bowl of Post cereal w/milk
The O’le Plate of Fresh Fruit

I love a place with a sense of reality AND humor! Chase serves breakfast on the weekends. I told him we’d all be back and fill the counter…

114 W Magnolia   733-8996    open 7 days from 7:30-2

May 23, 2009

Prowling for the BEST food value @ Bellingham Farmer’s Market

Not only is she the best cook in Bellingham, but she also offers the best value: Danielle. She runs the show at The Bowl ‘n Roll booth at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market. Today’s feature was delectable. And vegan! I had the jerked large mushroom & yam kabobs with pasta salad and green salad. It took only 1 bite to know her dishes stand out. If you haven’t tried her meals yet, I truly urge you to. They are delicious. And as I’ve stated before: The Bowl ‘n Roll is a winner.

What is a meal without its treat, I ask you? To choose is almost impossible, so I go on the prowl. Opposite The Bowl ‘n Roll is Liz Kovacs’ Icing On the Cake cupcakes. She had a new item out – frosting shots. Frosting shots? Okay…I’ll get each of my kids one of those and then we’ll trot over to sample some java. Just watch them slingshot all over town after that! I was only kidding — I won’t feed them pure sugar or caffeine. I’m pretty sure the counter girl just wished I would go away; you could see the smile drain from her face…oh well.

I looked at Mount Bakery, Breadfarm, Mallard’s, Mykes Shaved Ice, Ralf’s Bavarian, Rocket Donuts, Kettle Korn. As I’m always on the lookout for vegan and/or gluten free options it takes some time, some questions, some decisions. Today I chose Rocket Donuts and threw it all to the wind. They were serving these beautiful little donut holes and not just one flavor, but 12. Yes, TWELVE different flavors of donut holes. One of each please, especially since they were 3 for $1. Everyone in the family would find favorites! 12 = apple fritter, blueberry, chocolate, chocolate striped, powdered, powder jelly, glazed, coconut, almond, walnut, chocolate w/creme, sugared w/jelly (YES, I remember them all)…and they had 2 vegan muffin options: big berry and pumpkin. We had big smiles and lots of giggles and sharing. Very important to share – we slice donuts in half to settle disputes.

May 20, 2009

The Fork at Agate Bay, Bellingham

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The Fork – I like the play on words. There is a fork in the road (Y and North Shore) and a fork in hand when eating at this restaurant. The Fork at Agate Bay is a new restaurant opening in Bellingham at the end of May. It will be a venue for J. Russell Catering in a bistro/bar setting with table linens. They will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday. I think it will be a bonus to be able to drive AWAY from town for eats for a change. It’s a 10 minute beautiful lakeside drive from Whatcom Falls. Quite the hideaway.

At the fork of Y and North Shore Rds, in Bellingham   715-1710

Update: We visited The Fork at Agate Bay for breakfast.

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