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June 28, 2008

Bagelry – Fresh Bagels in Bellingham

I met a gorgeous boy a long time ago. He had long wavy auburn hair, blue eyes and a come hither smile. He rolled bagels at the Bagel Nosh in Roslyn, NY. It was at the top of the hill where Northern Boulevard turns left to the viaduct and Roslyn road went right to town. It’s a Chinese restaurant now, but I’ll never forget my early bagel experiences.

The Bagelry brings them all back. They roll pinch rise boil and bake bagels to perfection. I do not lie. If your bagel needs a topping try the chopped chicken liver. It ‘s to die for.

Note: The Bagelry is featured on our Bellingham Bagels page.

Skylark’s Hidden Cafe

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I enjoy writing – positive, not negative. However, Skylark’s Hidden Cafe should remain hidden. At least if you like to dine with people under the legal drinking age. I love to go out to eat and since I have three children now, I truly enjoy including them. I know I am a minority in this respect.

Skylark’s advertises itself as kid friendly. It is not. It has a kid’s menu, but only if you have kids who eat PBJ or tunafish sandwiches 9no chicken strips, nuggets,  etc). It has a cramped kid’s dining room – SURPRISE – way in the back of the restaurant next to the kitchen, bathroom and server station (which is noisily re-stocked with buckets of ice OFTEN). Our server was surly and inattentive and argumentative (especially about handling a bill error).

End of story.

June 23, 2008

Saturday’s Bellingham Farmer’s Market

It’s warm and overcast in Bellingham today. I’ll take it! Off to the Farmer’s Market.

Always looking for the new places and I’m never disappointed. Brandywine Kitchen serves sandwiches and salads. I ordered a ‘reefnetter’ with Lummi Island smoked salmon, cream cheese, spinach and mixed olive salad on homebaked baguette. The sandwich was fantastic! The first bite immediately sent me back to the whitefish bagel sandwich at Bagel Chateau in Millburn, NJ. They made a whitefish salad to die for. I won’t even start about the sturgeon. I also tried Barnadywine’s gingered carrot salad with currants and walnuts which was delicious (MIL’s recipe was in it). Brandywine Kitchen lists their local food providers and the packaging is compostable. Don’t pass it by.

I was very happy Spice Hut teas were set up. The last time I was at the Market they weren’t and I was disappointed. My favorite is the Afrika Rooibus tea. I got it iced and had to share it with the scavengers I call my children. Where DO they get their manners?! If you ever get the chance to walk into the Spice Hut, you’ll be blissfully overwhelmed by the delicious aroma within.

Down the yellow brick road of foodie wonder is AMBO Ethiopian Cuisine. Mulunesh ‘Mulu’ Belay has the most beautiful smile. The young lady who helps her is so friendly and shares her smile, too. And the food they serve is not to be missed. I ordered lentils/yellow lentils with cabbage and carrot on the side served on top of injera: a teff and barley flat bread. To make this bread takes 2-3 days! I am now a loyal fan of Mulu. My oldest even ate some of the injera and was surprised by how tasty it was (he’s very particular about food).

Icing on the Cake really was. You have to splurge on these perfect little delicacies. I wrote about her in another post all her own, the cakes were THAT good. Thank you Liz Kovacs!

Till next week. Unless I visit Barkley’s Tuesday Farmer’s Market or Fairhaven’s Wednesday Farmer’s Market.

Oh, my.

Little Tokyo, Barkely Square, Bellingham

My little girlfriend and I went to eat at Little Tokyo in Barkley Village this evening. We know another 5 year old girl who devours the teriyaki chicken on skewers. That was as good as any recommendation for us.

If you could have seen the 5 year olds face after she began eating her teriyaki skewered chicken, you would have seen a little bit of heaven. And then she started to dig into MY plate. I don’t know where she learned her table manners.

We sucked down our miso soup; it was perfect. She also asked for some cucumber sushi. Did she share? What do you think? I stole some when she wasn’t looking or she would have dug her chopsticks into my hand. It was good fresh food.

I ordered the special chicken teriyaki. It came with tempura, gyozo, salad, white rice and dipping sauces. What a marvelous meal. Everything tasty, not salty. The teriyaki flavors were well balanced. A pleasure.

I managed to save some for Daddy sharing. She was happy to oblige. He’s the world, don’t you know.

Icing on the Cake, Bellingham

Icing on the Cake serves fresh baked gourmet cupcakes. We had the pleasure of indulging at the Bellingham Farmers Market today. We sampled many a dish, but icing on the Cake warranted its own spotlight.

My partner and I had ‘black and white’ cupcakes and the kids all chose pink ‘peppermint’ cupcakes.

The black and white is dark chocolate cake with buttercream frosting with dark Belgian chocolate drizzled on top. The peppermint is dark chocolate cake with peppermint schnapps buttercream frosting.

Still with me? Because I was at a loss for words to describe how divine these cupcakes were. My oldest, however, after his first bite said: ‘heaven’. We all agreed Elizabeth Kovacs (traditional Hungarian name) should be strongly encouraged to gift us with a brick and mortar bakery we could be loyal to.

The last time I was this satisfied with a dessert I still lived back East and C. Marretta Bakery on Bell Boulevard in Bayside, NY was the place. Will anyone open a storefront in Bellingham with real cannoli and rainbow cookies?

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