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September 9, 2008

Torre Caffe, Bellingham WA

I met Mary at Bloedel Donovan Park today. The kids were playing up a storm, so I struck up a conversation. Of course I asked her what her favorite restaurant in Bellingham was. She said (with a big smile) it was her mother’s kitchen. Hurray – a kindred soul! She said they owned the Torre Caffe on Commercial Street (across from the Mount Baker Theatre). Lo and behold she’s part of a restaurant family. My lucky day!!

It’s a Northern Italian caffe (authentic as in Italians from Genoa, Liguria, Italy own and serve). I asked how it smells when you first walk in (an important factor for my culinary experience). She said it smelled like Italian espresso. YES! She asked if I knew what a cannoli was. Do I know?! I asked her if they had rainbow cookies…sadly not, but we were on the same food page at this point.

Guess where my next food stop is going to be? See you there, Mary!

119 North Commercial St #130


June 23, 2008

Icing on the Cake, Bellingham

Icing on the Cake serves fresh baked gourmet cupcakes. We had the pleasure of indulging at the Bellingham Farmers Market today. We sampled many a dish, but icing on the Cake warranted its own spotlight.

My partner and I had ‘black and white’ cupcakes and the kids all chose pink ‘peppermint’ cupcakes.

The black and white is dark chocolate cake with buttercream frosting with dark Belgian chocolate drizzled on top. The peppermint is dark chocolate cake with peppermint schnapps buttercream frosting.

Still with me? Because I was at a loss for words to describe how divine these cupcakes were. My oldest, however, after his first bite said: ‘heaven’. We all agreed Elizabeth Kovacs (traditional Hungarian name) should be strongly encouraged to gift us with a brick and mortar bakery we could be loyal to.

The last time I was this satisfied with a dessert I still lived back East and C. Marretta Bakery on Bell Boulevard in Bayside, NY was the place. Will anyone open a storefront in Bellingham with real cannoli and rainbow cookies?

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