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July 1, 2020

Bellingham Coffee Roasters

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There are so many coffee stops in Bellingham, it’s cayzie. Actual cafes, shops that have top-tier espresso machines and trained baristas, near-huge drive thrus and numerous mini drive throughs… Bellingham has all of them and many copies of each. And yet.. each is unqiue-ish.

If you’re into drive-thru coffee, here’s a game you can play. Try them all…. there’s like 60 of them. Somebody should make one of those maps, or tourism passports you can get stamped, lol.

Be careful though…. the reason there are so many coffee stops might be because so many people in and passing through Bellingham love coffee, but it also MIGHT be because it’s super profitable to dispense lesser quality coffee, one-espresso-shot-in-20 oz of hot water, for premium prices, while encouraging servers to live off tips.

What about actual coffee roasters? Not so much… although they come and go on a regular basis.

If you’re wondering about coffee roasters in Bellingham, you must consider the region, not just the city. And the following come to mind… add a comment to add a roaster or roastery!

Moka Joe’s – was in a small garage on James Street with a coool but perhaps too-laid-back storefront. Was sold to Fidalgo Bay Roasting and relocated to Rt 20 on the way to Anacortes, which then merged with Coyote Coffee (?) and still in that (now enlarged) location.

Barnyard Roasters in Blaine, which reportedly now assumed Hammerhead Coffee which has ceased to operate in Bellingham.

Tony’s Coffee is still roasting in an industrial garage in Bellingham but that doesn’t serve the public (allegedly, lol). You need to go to Fairhaven for the actual coffee shop (Tony’s Cafe on Harris Ave) or a local supermarket to buy their beans.

Reportedly their are a few roasters south in Burlington (Sonofresco, and north in Ferndale (Simonelli?), plus micro-style roasters scattered about (Maniac Roasting sells at Black Drop in downtown Bellingham, Agape was selling and donating to charity but may have moved on, Prime seems to have changed, Camber in downtown Bellingham is an attempt at upscale dispensing but is owned by Tony’s and is….well.. kinda consistently unreliable still, to be honest. They got the look down, though, and the premium prices).

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