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July 23, 2008

Super Mario’s Truck

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Super Mario is Salvadoran. The family moved up from the LA area bringing delicious burrito’s, pupusas, fajitas and the like to Bellingham. In the shape of a truck. It is GOOD. Just go ask them at Super Supplements. Or at WWU. I’ve had the Wonder Burrito many times and pupusas. Hot, flavorful, and portion size is generous; some for lunch, the rest for dinner. Leftovers are great!

While waiting for an order one day, I chatted with the young girl who took my order. The family left El Salvador more than 15 years ago because of the country’s civil war. They landed in LA for a while and then I-5’d it to Bellingham. Immigrants and first generation American’s I strongly relate to. Been there, done that.

Corner of North Forest & East Champion – closed for winter

July 19, 2008

Breadfarm – Fresh Bread in Bellingham

I buy Breadfarm‘s Monster Sandwich bread. It’s delicious plain or toasted and it’s cut the right thickness.

As I was paying a pastry caught my eye: chocolate babka. It’s a childhood favorite of mine. Picture a tall cinnamon roll with the cinnamon replaced with dark chocolate. Need I say more? Well, I was in a hurry at the Farmer’s Market today. I only had time to buy the bread and ice cream – important things in my house. But, next time, I’m going to get some. I’ll share.

Now if the Spice Hut tea guy would just come back to the Market I’d be REALLY satisfied. I miss his Rooibus.

Silver Springs Creamery

There has always been one ice cream vendor at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. This year I noticed another: Silver Springs Creamery. They are known for their cheese and now I search for them for their ice creams and sorbets. They taste even better than what we make at home (their recipe must have more cream in it than ours).

The Mom and daughter team (I think) help me with my choices each week with big smiles. This week I bought five different flavors: vanilla and strawberry ice cream, orange, grapefruit, key-lime sorbet. Too good, I tell you.

And if I miss them at the Farmer’s Market, Silver Springs is sold at the Community Food Co-op. Lucky me.

Shut your pie hole

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We all went to Boxx Berry Farm in Ferndale today. It was raspberry festival time and it was alot of fun.

The best part was the raspberry sundaes. Their raspberry syrup with ice cream from Edaleen Dairy is delicious. The Farm also had barrel rides for kiddies, a tractor ride through the farm (ate carrots just pulled from the ground thanks to Mike), face painting and animal balloons. What family with young children could ask for more?

We bought half a flat of raspberries and they were gone by the next evening. My partner kept reminding us the raspberries only last one or two days. So, of course, the four of us listened and polished them off.

Boxx Berry Farms has a Market store where they sell produce and pies. I bought some Ranier cherries (almost gone) and vegetables. My partner bought some potatoes and onions and pie. Which brings me to the blog title. He bought a strawberry rhubarb pie from Barb’s Pies & Pastries. Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite and I was so looking forward to a slice for lunch. We had bought her pies at the farm last year and were very satisfied. This time it was good, but different. My ten year old son said the crust was too hard and the filling jelly (he’s the official pie maker for my pie hole). Not what we remembered it to be. This, however, didn’t stop us from eating it…

The family went on the tractor ride with Farmer Mike. We got to listen to his great spiel (his word) about the farm and ate some fresh picked carrots (he also picked an onion along the way). I told Mike the farm should have an onion festival to go along with the strawberry and corn (I love onions as much as cabbage). He seemed to like the idea and gave me the onion (walla walla). We had fried onion rings that night.

Mike said I could be a twin for Karol at Joe’s Garden. I’ll have to take another look. She gives us fresh picked carrots, too.

July 18, 2008

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