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April 7, 2009

Bellingham Farmers Market is now OPEN for the season

The Bellingham Farmer’s Market opening day was Saturday and it was packed! It’s no wonder with the weather a cooperating factor – here comes our Pacific Northwest summer! Hooray! There were some of the old and some new vendors. I was glad Danielle from Sharazad was there as was Curt’s Kettle Corn (can you smell it?). There were children eating cupcakes from Icing On the Cake and ogling home-made, hand-made wool dolls. There were some new vendors tending booth. Waldorf mom’s with talent extraordinaire: one creating beautiful designs on furniture, another on glass, plus one making Kathy Kruse type German dolls of wool.

There are dozens of vendors and as the season progresses there will be the abundance of produce I’ve come to relish. My mother and MIL* love visiting Bellingham, and one of the highlights, besides their grandchildren, is the Farmer’s Market. My mother buys her gifts for her Florida friends there. She has traveled with Dr. Dandelion’s Lavender and, at other times, has flown home with dozens of spring radishes and plant starts (horseradish, if you need to know, THRIVES in Clearwater). While MIL has spoiled the grandchildren with Bavarian Pretzels and popcorn and ice cream…not that I’m complaining.

So plan accordingly: go to the Farmer’s Market late, so it’s not too crowded when I’m there. And, oooh, I can’t wait to hear a cappella from U4eeuh!

*MIL = mother-in-law

July 19, 2008

Silver Springs Creamery

There has always been one ice cream vendor at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. This year I noticed another: Silver Springs Creamery. They are known for their cheese and now I search for them for their ice creams and sorbets. They taste even better than what we make at home (their recipe must have more cream in it than ours).

The Mom and daughter team (I think) help me with my choices each week with big smiles. This week I bought five different flavors: vanilla and strawberry ice cream, orange, grapefruit, key-lime sorbet. Too good, I tell you.

And if I miss them at the Farmer’s Market, Silver Springs is sold at the Community Food Co-op. Lucky me.

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