La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza

Perfect pizza is in the eye of the beholder. My favorite pizza was from one of the shops at the Citicorp Center in Manhattan, NY. The line went on and on, but moved fast. The pizza was very simple: light crust, fresh tomato sauce and medallions of mozarella. That was then and now I have La Fiamma.

I ordered the ginger carrot soup. It had peanut, garbanzo and spice, too. It tasted great. I had a green salad with their sun dried tomato vinaigrette. It tasted great. Home made rosemary foccacia came with it and it was so good we ordered a large plate of it for the table. My partner offered me a sample of his smoked salmon penne. It tasted great. My oldest gave me his last slice of pepperoni pizza (such a good boy) and this is when my memory clicks into high gear. Whoosh, back to the line for pizza during my working days in NY.

My other favorite was rice balls. Maybe La Faimma could add them to its appetizers?

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