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June 23, 2008

Little Tokyo, Barkely Square, Bellingham

My little girlfriend and I went to eat at Little Tokyo in Barkley Village this evening. We know another 5 year old girl who devours the teriyaki chicken on skewers. That was as good as any recommendation for us.

If you could have seen the 5 year olds face after she began eating her teriyaki skewered chicken, you would have seen a little bit of heaven. And then she started to dig into MY plate. I don’t know where she learned her table manners.

We sucked down our miso soup; it was perfect. She also asked for some cucumber sushi. Did she share? What do you think? I stole some when she wasn’t looking or she would have dug her chopsticks into my hand. It was good fresh food.

I ordered the special chicken teriyaki. It came with tempura, gyozo, salad, white rice and dipping sauces. What a marvelous meal. Everything tasty, not salty. The teriyaki flavors were well balanced. A pleasure.

I managed to save some for Daddy sharing. She was happy to oblige. He’s the world, don’t you know.

June 8, 2008

Swan Cafe in Bellingham Co-op

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Had some major shopping to do at the Bellingham Co-op this am. I forgot to eat breakfast before dropping kids off at school. You know what Oprah says about going food shopping when you’re hungry: DON’T!

Well, I solved that problem by just eating breakfast at the Swan Cafe in the Co-op. I’m good at solving problems. My daughter and I shared a delicious eggs and bacon stuffed buckwheat crepe. It came with a fruit salad which she commandeered immediately. I have to be honest: I have enjoyed everything I’ve ever eaten at the Swan Cafe. It’s like a favorite stumble home bar – perfect.

Of course, for lunch I took home the cabbage piroshki (my all time favorite).

As you’ll learn, I adore cabbage. I am a foodie of discerning taste.

May 4, 2008

Diamond Jim’s Grill

We were looking for a great place to eat Sunday brunch and chose Diamond Jim’s Grill. Everyone in the family had eaten there before. Everyone except me.

We knew we’d have to get there early or there would be a wait. The dining room is cozy and the food is fantastic. Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, muffins, CORNED BEEF (my favorite) on and on and on we ate.

I think we had room in our bellies for a bowl of cereal later that day.

I remember a comedian who said: I don’t want to die old; I want to die full. Amen.

April 23, 2008

Xing’s Panda Palace at Sunset, Bellingham

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It was time for lunch: Chinese food and Xing’s Panda Palace was it. Delectable. The last time I tasted Chinese food that wasn’t ‘Americanized’ was back in Flushing, NY. I can still smell the fried wonton and bbq spare ribs in their takeout bags, mmmmm.

Wonton soup, egg-drop, fried rice, beef and broccoli, spicy pork and vegetables and 3 egg rolls (they have cabbage in them – I love cabbage).

I didn’t eat all that alone. I went with my girlfriend. I couldn’t eat all that by myself! We go out to eat together for support companionship.

April 1, 2008

Tino’s Pizza & Pasta

A teacher friend of mine who relocated from Queens, NY to Bellingham clued me in to Tino’s Pizza. It was in Sudden Valley, which if you’re familiar with Bellingham, is considered a trek from town. But I grew up in NYC. They don’t know what a trek is around here. A trek is going down to Seattle, ok?

My opportunity for this trek came in the form of soccer practice. Its location was changed from the Carl Cozier fields (1 mile drive) to the Sudden Valley fields (6 miles). And I had to pass Tino’s Pizza to get there.

Well, what a wonderful Italian restaurant. And I know, because I had to live in NJ for 18 years.

It was busy, smelled fresh and tomato-ey and the patrons were laughing. I ordered a pepperoni pizza to go and I was happy to get 1 slice. Even the 5 year old cried for it. One thing I welcome back about NJ is the taste of Tino’s Pizza. It’s worth the drive and next time I will sit ‘n stay ‘n stuff.

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