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June 13, 2008

Cicchitti’s Pizza in Bellingham, WA

Pizza is a very personal food. Anyone I ask will have a favorite style pizza. Thick crust, thin crust, mozzarella cheese, mixed cheese, sweet versus sour tomato sauce. And don’t forget the extras!

My pizza memories began when Dad would give me $2 and my sister and I would walk down to the corner pizzeria at 38th avenue and Francis Lewis Boulevard in Bayside. We would each get a slice of pizza and have enough money left for Italian ices. And pizza has been a staple in my diet ever since.

Cicchitti’s Pizza tastes very much like those early memories: thin, crisp crust with a sour/spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella trails left hanging after a bite. It even drips a bit of oil when I fold it in half (the real way to eat a slice). And although the Bayside pizzeria had a linoleum floor, the wood floor at Cicchitti’s looks way better. They bake delicious calzones and strombolis, too. The salad bar is simple and fresh with crisp lettuce, black olives and pepperocini among the choices.

The kids and I really enjoy the atmosphere in its big wide open room and red/white striped table clothes. And when a server comes out with a meal they try to guess who’s order it is. I suggest numbers on the table. She touches her fingertips together and bounces her wrist in the old Italian gesture saying: Honor system, you know. Just like back in NY.

June 12, 2008

Caffe Adagio, Railroad Ave. Bellingham

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My Canadian girlfriend and I love to talk. Morning meetings at Caffe Adagio are our favorite. It’s spacious, friendly and has more variety on its menu than the other coffee house competitor. In addition to Americano’s, they offer fresh baked breakfast treats and Italian-style sandwiches and salads.

The cafe is very kid friendly (see play area) and if you’re so inclined, you can play a tune on the piano. I’ve had to ask my friend to refrain from sharing her talents. I’m not the kind of person who likes attention.

Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro

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It was lunchtime and raining. Again. See the date on this post? June 9. Raining and 54 degrees. Mother Nature needs to remind Heat Miser to visit Bellingham and give the East Coast people a break!

We went to Boundary Bay looking for two things: for it to live up to the recommendations and to liven the rainy day. Well. I think what might have gotten in the way was only 1server during the lunch rush and pub complacency.

The group ordered a kid cheeseburger, sweet & spicy red pepper chicken soup, smoked salmon chowder, spinach salad and a beef burger. The spicy chicken soup is an award winner, and it was delicious. My partner and I shared the spinach salad with its baked goat cheese medallion, cranberries and candied pecans. Excellent. The kid devoured her cheeseburger, chips, carrots and the garlic toast that came with the chowder. She was wholly satisfied with her meal. And the requisite crayons and coloring menu helped pass the time.

A patron just needs a simple, satisfying meal. Hot food hot, cold food cold. My partner sent back the chowder because it was not hot enough and quickly got a steaming bowl in return. My chicken soup was lukewarm, but I was hungry and ate it before realizing I should have opted for a steamy cup, too. The burger was ok (not hot). It’s bun was great – tasted like Ralf’s Bavarian.

A beer would have rounded out the meal. After all, everything seems better after a drink.

Arlis’s Restaurant Bellingham

I spent the entire morning playing. It’s hard work, but sometimes school volunteering is tough. And I got to take the 5 year old with me. She was hesitant once she stepped outside to 46 degrees and drizzle (on June 10?), but the trooper in her came out. She, too, believes in the hard work of play. We lucked out and the drizzle abated and she got to play floor hockey as much as she wanted. (It was Play Day at the Carl Cozier Elementary School.)

And then lunch time rolled around. She suggested a restaurant. She and I are going to enjoy being grown-ups together. Off we went to Arlis’s Restaurant where ‘Breakfast Anytime’ is the motto on their sign.

It is a diner in the true old fashioned sense. Simple, clean and good eats. They have lots to pick from on the menu. We ordered the chicken finger and fries and a Mariner Melt: tuna with grilled onions and mushrooms and cheese on grilled sourdough. I also got their homemade baked beans and a side of onion rings.

The kids’ food disappeared after a huge portion of onion rings. We really liked the onion rings (it was her first time). They were fresh with crunch to spare. Her chicken was spicy, just the way she likes it. My tuna melt was really delicious and hot. The homemade baked beans were excellent. They weren’t mushy and they tasted chocolaty and sweet with onions and small firm chunks of bacon. Very good.

Now, the placard next to the front door says ‘homemade pies’. Not going home without a taste of one. We picked cherry pie warmed with vanilla ice cream on the side (wasn’t sure how much would be shared). And, yes, this pie was homemade fantastic! The crust was light, flaky and latticed letting big delicious cherries pop through. It was nice and tart, and only a little sweet. Wonderful.

There was some left for at home sharing (and the takeout container was recyclable cardboard – not foam!). When we got home my partner was just taking a food break. What luck! The container was emptied right there and then. And I quote: ‘I just knew that Arlis’s would be a good place to eat. Are you going to write about it, or keep this one a secret?’ Well, now you know.

May 21, 2008

El Rinconcito in Bellingham, WA

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A Mexican restaurant by any other name would not be so cozy. My good friend down the block grew up in Bellingham. She said they always saved Friday nights for El Rinconcito. Now I know why.

Fresh chips, delicious salsa and a portion to feed a few…and the best part was nobody asked us how our meal was. They would discreetly walk by, but not disturb us.

Let me explain. My partner and I were out to lunch again during the kids Wednesday art class. We have 3 children. 12, 10, 5. Let’s just say meals as a family are not quiet and someone always needs something after we’ve sat down — you know the movie line from Christmas Story: “…my mother hasn’t had a hot meal in 14 years…”.

So, when I extoll the virtues of a restaurant that leaves me alone when I’m eating, you’ll understand.

Muy buena comida.

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