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May 1, 2009

Mi Casa Taqueria in Bellingham

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How lucky can a kid get? Go away to college and your parents follow. And then they decide to open a restaurant to cater to the college crowd. There are pros and cons to this scenario. The pro is we get  (opening in May) fresh, affordable Mexican food.

May 21, 2008

El Rinconcito in Bellingham, WA

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A Mexican restaurant by any other name would not be so cozy. My good friend down the block grew up in Bellingham. She said they always saved Friday nights for El Rinconcito. Now I know why.

Fresh chips, delicious salsa and a portion to feed a few…and the best part was nobody asked us how our meal was. They would discreetly walk by, but not disturb us.

Let me explain. My partner and I were out to lunch again during the kids Wednesday art class. We have 3 children. 12, 10, 5. Let’s just say meals as a family are not quiet and someone always needs something after we’ve sat down — you know the movie line from Christmas Story: “…my mother hasn’t had a hot meal in 14 years…”.

So, when I extoll the virtues of a restaurant that leaves me alone when I’m eating, you’ll understand.

Muy buena comida.

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