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April 1, 2008

Tino’s Pizza & Pasta

A teacher friend of mine who relocated from Queens, NY to Bellingham clued me in to Tino’s Pizza. It was in Sudden Valley, which if you’re familiar with Bellingham, is considered a trek from town. But I grew up in NYC. They don’t know what a trek is around here. A trek is going down to Seattle, ok?

My opportunity for this trek came in the form of soccer practice. Its location was changed from the Carl Cozier fields (1 mile drive) to the Sudden Valley fields (6 miles). And I had to pass Tino’s Pizza to get there.

Well, what a wonderful Italian restaurant. And I know, because I had to live in NJ for 18 years.

It was busy, smelled fresh and tomato-ey and the patrons were laughing. I ordered a pepperoni pizza to go and I was happy to get 1 slice. Even the 5 year old cried for it. One thing I welcome back about NJ is the taste of Tino’s Pizza. It’s worth the drive and next time I will sit ‘n stay ‘n stuff.


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  2. We love Tino’s!!! The people, the food and the beer!! Not just a pizza place but a caring part of our community!

    Comment by Molly — April 28, 2012 @ 8:10 pm

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