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October 27, 2008

Bagel Quality Control

I’ve already told you the best bagels are found at the Bagelry. And until a REAL Jewish deli blesses us with its presence, I think that’s the way it’s going to be. The only gripe I have is the lack of quality control in the bagel rolling. You see, I grew up in NYC, so I am PICKY about my bagel. It may be the masses are ok with bagels that look like bialys, but read the full restaurant review…

June 28, 2008

Bagelry – Fresh Bagels in Bellingham

I met a gorgeous boy a long time ago. He had long wavy auburn hair, blue eyes and a come hither smile. He rolled bagels at the Bagel Nosh in Roslyn, NY. It was at the top of the hill where Northern Boulevard turns left to the viaduct and Roslyn road went right to town. It’s a Chinese restaurant now, but I’ll never forget my early bagel experiences.

The Bagelry brings them all back. They roll pinch rise boil and bake bagels to perfection. I do not lie. If your bagel needs a topping try the chopped chicken liver. It ‘s to die for.

Note: The Bagelry is featured on our Bellingham Bagels page.

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