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June 5, 2009

Rocket Donuts

The Rocket Donut special is a cinnamon s’more donut. Celebrate Donut Day and patronize your local donut shop. You’ll get some fresh donuts, coupons for freebies and rocket keychains. And you’ll be happy to know 5% of all sales are donated to Salvation Army.

This isn’t a new tradition. As the story goes…it all began in August, 1917:  WWI, fighting in France, rations low. The Salvation Army gals made donuts from staples on hand to sustain the troops. Of course, they became hugely popular – both the girls and the donuts. War ends, soldiers go back to America and demand donuts. Bakeries comply with the help of the Salvation Army. So you see, the Salvation Army and donuts are tight. Might not even HAVE donuts in the US if not for them.

As it stands today, the Salvation Army will provide free coffee and donuts to our Rescue Heroes, those they save and all in need. Cool.

You can find an original donut recipe on the Salvation Army website, and a here’s list of donut shops in Bellingham.

Corner of Holly & Bay in Downtown Bellingham   671-1111

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