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November 26, 2008

The Temple Bar, Bellingham WA

The Temple Bar has a laid back atmosphere with french kitchen work tables and mismatched chairs in two separate but adjoining rooms. Small curved bar in one room, live music stage in the other and attentive service. I like simple drinks. I am low maintenance, but with high standards. I ordered a caipirinha and a pot of herbal tea. My companion had a port. Simple enough. We added the pistachio bowl (served warm), took a seat by the window; we like views, any kind will do.

Port is no challenge; poured from a bottle. The caipirinha recipe was palatable, but not my favorite (my favorite was at Sensa which closed this year). I have provided another caipirinha recipe for comparison in a separate post. Try it , you may like it better…

The Temple Bar has become one of the good places to recharge in Bellingham. Live music, good drinks and a varied Italian menu: roasted garlic, salumi starters along with cheese, fruit or meat plates, salads and paninis.

I look forward to a Raindrop with my pot of herbal next time we steal out. Raindrop = blueberry stolichnaya, lemon, sugar rim.

PS Lots of vegan offerings, Wendy. Happy New Year! 11/26/08

September 23, 2008

Torre Caffe Italiano

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Mary, I chose Torre Caffe Italiano as my birthday breakfast treat.

Beautiful Italian music wafted through the air outside the caffe; a traditional draw for street passerby. I sat outside in a wrought iron chair in the sun waiting for Wendy to share the experience.

We both ate the veggie breakfast meal: toasted rosemary english muffin with egg cheese tomato and pesto (no pesto for Wendy). It was simply the perfect taste and portion for breakfast (served by my mother, oops, Mary’s mother). I had a pot of Numi tea and Wendy had the best cup of coffee she’s ever had in Bellingham.

That should say it all.

The caffe is clean and cozy with warm earthy colors throughout. The best part for me is the owners’ Italian accent. I am in NYC again. Amen.

I will be going back to sample LUNCH (lasagna) and dessert (cannoli).

119 N Commercial St


September 16, 2008

Book Fare

Food and view. Sometimes it’s all I need. Heather’s desserts, too. Book Fare is the place to get them.

Wendy and I went to lunch (surprise). She ordered a grilled Greek sandwich. She raved and raved, the feta was so good. Our server, Meagan, was Excellent. She was looking out for my well being. Example: I wanted soup and sandwich. She explained the soup was just put on the burners; it would be a while before it was hot enough to serve. It’s been a long time since I had a server this attentive (this was the shortfall at Boundary Bay Brewery). I would return for this reason alone.

Well, I opted to have the veggie cheddar sandwich with salad and crunched and munched my taste buds to happiness. I drank a huge glass mug of Rooibus tea – very warming (Wendy drank coffee and was zippy in no time). When it came to dessert, I really couldn’t decide! And I was stuffed from my sandwich and salad.

Plus, I already know how Heather’s apple pie tastes (have one in the fridge at home). Great!

September 9, 2008

La Vie En Rose, Bellingham Pastries & More

Such a pretty name. Such delicious pastries. La Vie En Rose was so quiet and cozy. I sat at the window this morning and it was in direct contrast to the busy Holly Street view.

I ate a chocolate croissant and a macaroon; paired them with a pot of rooibos tea. I’d found calm indulgent seclusion.

Those who know him can find my partner at Starbuck’s. Well, you’ll find me at La Vie En Rose…

June 11, 2008

On Rice, Bellingham Thai Restaurant

Tea was introduced to the West during the British exploration of the Orient. Teas, spices and silks were valuable commodities. I, too, value the quality of my tea. I have a favorite spot in Bellingham to share.

Today, Wendy and I went to On Rice in Barkley for lunch. Thai decor on the walls and the servers catering to a business clientele. We ordered 2 combos: Emperor’s Cashew and Garlic Delight. Emperor’s Cashew is chicken with cashews and vegetables (Wendy’s favorite). Garlic Delight is garlic with beef, Thai soy sauce, black pepper and cilantro served on a bed of steamed broccoli. It was way too salty for me. The Pad Thai noodles were delicious.

However, the best part of my meal was the tea. I would go to this restaurant regularly if just for the tea. There is a nice selection, all Thai. I drank the Haiku Herbal Tea. The tea was served in a french press ready for my plunge. Lemon balm, ginseng and herbs. It was fantastic.

A couple of months from now school will be back in session…no peanut gallery to attend to. I will be back.

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