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June 11, 2008

On Rice, Bellingham Thai Restaurant

Tea was introduced to the West during the British exploration of the Orient. Teas, spices and silks were valuable commodities. I, too, value the quality of my tea. I have a favorite spot in Bellingham to share.

Today, Wendy and I went to On Rice in Barkley for lunch. Thai decor on the walls and the servers catering to a business clientele. We ordered 2 combos: Emperor’s Cashew and Garlic Delight. Emperor’s Cashew is chicken with cashews and vegetables (Wendy’s favorite). Garlic Delight is garlic with beef, Thai soy sauce, black pepper and cilantro served on a bed of steamed broccoli. It was way too salty for me. The Pad Thai noodles were delicious.

However, the best part of my meal was the tea. I would go to this restaurant regularly if just for the tea. There is a nice selection, all Thai. I drank the Haiku Herbal Tea. The tea was served in a french press ready for my plunge. Lemon balm, ginseng and herbs. It was fantastic.

A couple of months from now school will be back in session…no peanut gallery to attend to. I will be back.

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