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October 29, 2008

D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano Bellingham WA

What a treat! We ate at D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano for lunch today and left with huge smiles and happy waves to Patti. Who’s Patti? She’s the BAKER, man! And D’anna’s is open read the full restaurant review…

September 9, 2008

La Vie En Rose, Bellingham Pastries & More

Such a pretty name. Such delicious pastries. La Vie En Rose was so quiet and cozy. I sat at the window this morning and it was in direct contrast to the busy Holly Street view.

I ate a chocolate croissant and a macaroon; paired them with a pot of rooibos tea. I’d found calm indulgent seclusion.

Those who know him can find my partner at Starbuck’s. Well, you’ll find me at La Vie En Rose…

August 22, 2008

After Hours Dessert Desert in Bellingham

I love to eat late evening snacks. I work hard to limit it, but I want to be in charge of limiting it, not Bellingham’s early closing of eateries. Why is it sooo hard to find a place to eat fresh pie at 9:30pm?

My partner and I went driving after dinner at Nimbus to find dessert. I know: If Nimbus was so delish, why didn’t I eat dessert there? Well, so I made a mistake and didn’t want to take the elevator back up to the 14th floor again. We could have gone to the Anthony’s. Been there, done that. Arlis closed. Grace Cafe closed.

Can someone help me out here? Suggestions?

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