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October 3, 2008

Golf Carts and Apple Turnovers

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Q: Where can you go to drive a golf cart through apple orchards and eat the BEST apple turnovers?

A: BelleWood Acres

BelleWood Acres is not a u-pick, but it is a u-drive! As in u get to drive a golf cart all around and through the orchard (you can pick yummy little crab apples planted between the other apple trees – for free). My girlfriend had to drag me out today, but I’m glad for it. It was worth hearing the kindergartener’s scream: ‘I’m scared!’ when I drove the golf cart! They sit backwards strapped in. While I drove, my friend ate her apple turnover (devoured). And we didn’t just drive it around once, but twice – I gotta get out more…

Another bonus was I met Heather today – soooo nice. Dorie lets her run the kitchen and WOW what a prize. The store case is filled with delicious baked goods (cookies, turnovers). And you can buy Heather’s apple pie frozen with directions to bake (no one will ever know). The farm store sells apples (many varieties) and many foods made with their apples (butter, chips), vegetables and house ornaments for the holidays.

It’s a short drive north on Hannegan, left on ten mile – follow the signs. Or visit them at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I asked them if they had brought the golf cart. Sadly, no. There was no room in the back of the truck.

PS If you want more of Heather’s happy hour (desserts) as I now call it, visit Book Fare above Village Books. And a little bird told me she also does clown; creative head and heart.

September 16, 2008

Book Fare

Food and view. Sometimes it’s all I need. Heather’s desserts, too. Book Fare is the place to get them.

Wendy and I went to lunch (surprise). She ordered a grilled Greek sandwich. She raved and raved, the feta was so good. Our server, Meagan, was Excellent. She was looking out for my well being. Example: I wanted soup and sandwich. She explained the soup was just put on the burners; it would be a while before it was hot enough to serve. It’s been a long time since I had a server this attentive (this was the shortfall at Boundary Bay Brewery). I would return for this reason alone.

Well, I opted to have the veggie cheddar sandwich with salad and crunched and munched my taste buds to happiness. I drank a huge glass mug of Rooibus tea – very warming (Wendy drank coffee and was zippy in no time). When it came to dessert, I really couldn’t decide! And I was stuffed from my sandwich and salad.

Plus, I already know how Heather’s apple pie tastes (have one in the fridge at home). Great!

September 13, 2008

More On Pie

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BelleWood Acres is an apple farm in Ferndale, Washington. They have a booth at the Saturday Bellingham Farmer’s Market and it’s not just apples you’ll find there. Oh, no. You’ll find peanut butter, ground fresh on their farm, honey, jams, cookies and homemade PIE. Taste test time…

Their pies are made by Heather using BelleWood Acres apples. She slices them thin and layers them with spices sandwiched between a very good crust. The pie is good hot or cold (of course I’ve had more than one piece). So many ways to make pie.

I’ve been told Heather is the dessert queen for Book Fare. Book Fare is the cafe upstairs from Village Books. If you haven’t treated yourself to a date there, you’ve been amiss. The view alone is worth the trip: water, islands, boats and sky.

Now that I know the quality of those desserts, I’ll eat those along with the delicious all day fare.

July 14, 2008

The Daisy Cafe

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Children are very hungry and calm after a swim lesson. It’s a wonderful thing to see.

I decided to treat them to lunch out.

A friend recommended The Daisy Cafe to me awhile back and I trust her judgment. So down to Magnolia we went. The Daisy Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch – a good time to go out with kids. Their menu is varied, which means I get lots of choices. That’s when I ask about the special. I like to test the creativity of the kitchen. The special was a Hawaiian sandwich: grilled ham and cheese with pineapple on Breadfarm grilled bread. Needless to say, when my daughter saw what I got, she had to have some (I’ve done that to my partner since forever, so it is genetic). I ordered a side of coleslaw which could only have been fresher in my own kitchen. The meal was VERY satisfying and tasty. My girl agreed. That is, after she polished off her junior cheese pizza. It was yummy; a bit too cheesy for me, but perfect for my kids (my son ordered a junior pepperoni).

My kids were so happy at The Daisy Cafe they kept sneaking waves and smiles at the server. She was above and beyond nice. The restaurant is bright and cheery and clean. And it serves those perfect cupcakes we’ve eaten at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, too.

Must go back for breakfast.

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