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October 4, 2008

Ralf’s Pretzel Bakery Bellingham

There is one vendor NEVER bypassed at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market: it’s  Ralf’s Bavarian Pretzels. How can you choose? -salami/swiss/cream cheese on a pretzel bun, a Nutella sandwich stick, a cheese stick and pretzels big and small. My daughter discovered Nutella at the store and pleaded I buy some (of course I’ve known about Nutella all my life – I was just trying to keep it out of the house).

For the past few years I wished they had a storefront open during the week I could go to with my children. This month my wish came true! Ralf’s Pretzel Bakery is open in the Market Depot and looks great.

I wonder if they’ll get a liquor license so I could have some beer with my pretzel…

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