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June 15, 2009

Barlean’s Salmon

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The Community Food Co-op at the Cordata Store held a wonderful event today. It was a BBQ For Literacy. They served a $3 BBQ with $1 donated to the Whatcom Literacy Council. There was a free book swap, live music (Kevin has MUCH talent) and almost a dozen authors open to discussion. Weather was sunny breezy and the food great!

You wonder:  what am I going to eat for $3? WELL, you had a choice of a Hempler hotdog, a tofu dog, 2 BBQ chicken legs (big) or grilled Barlean’s salmon. The side was potato chips and FRESH cole slaw (big servings).  I told the server the only time I get Barlean’s salmon is in a bottle with lemon swirl! She had a good laugh. The salmon was delicious as was everything else;  I had 3 serious food critics with me – my kids – who told me so.

We ate good food, were entertained, checked out some books and authors and even got some fancy calligraphy bookmarks. All in all, a perfect family outing.

Now if you missed this event, don’t despair. There will be 2 more in July and August. I’ll be there with kids in tow…

January 7, 2009

Dad & Speak E-Z’s Memphis BBQ, Bellingham

It was about 4 years ago we shocked our New York families. We moved 3000 miles west to Bellingham, WA. Needless to say, this did not go over well, but we were wished many happy returns.

It has been a life changing decision and we have been thrilled ever since (have you seen the weather in NY lately?). We wanted to share our new home, so sent out the word to come visit. My Dad did not hesitate and flew up from Florida. His trip coincided with his birthday and knowing how he loved my Mom’s fried food and roasted meat dishes, there was no question where to go out to celebrate.

The best local family food restaurant in Bellingham, WA: Speak E-Z’s. Imagine jazz, Elvis and muted lighting. Add to this image comfort food aromas. You have Speak E-Z’s (and some of my mom). The service is great -very friendly- and Dennis, the owner, will chat you up (just like mom). His food is fried in 100% pure vegetable oil and the ingredients are fresh (as in made from scratch).

My Dad ordered Dennis’ smoked plate: pork spare ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and a quarter of chicken, topped with Dennis’ BBQ sauce and served with 2 sides. Plenty enough for two (we had plenty take home).

y favorite meal is Dennis’ signature seafood gumbo paired with his jalapeno cornbread muffins and honey butter. I don’t need to eat anything else. But I do.

I can pick from the BBQ beef brisket with mushrooms and onions on a toasted hoagie to BBQ spaghetti with tons of vegetables (which is what I chose for this meal); and there’s fried okra (yum), onion rings and Texas style toast with baked beans. The kids get a menu, too: grilled cheese, chicken fingers, fish nuggets or BBQ meatballs.

Everyone had a great time (including 3 children) and it will be a happy memory with my Dad.

PS Dennis has added some new items I’m looking forward to trying: a vegan BBQ burger and a no egg ceasar salad (hold the parm). I think some fish nuggets on the side would be good, too.

2400 Meridian St     714-0606

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