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September 23, 2009

Nico’s Pizza @ Greene’s Corner

Nico is a dog. Really! The owner of Greene’s Corner named the pizza place after his dog! But the pizza served here is worthy of more human consumption, though maybe the dog likes it, too; I don’t know. I gave Nico’s more than one visit just to be sure the first time wasn’t just a REALLY good day. But hands down, if you’re traveling up Northwest just past the soccer fields, have some of the pizza. It is the tastiest in Bellingham. I think so, and I have eaten A LOT of pizza pizza pizza in Bellingham. It is a staple in my diet.

The space is bright and airy (see open garage door). There are table clothed picnic tables and individual tables. Nico’s Pizza shares the space with Fool’s Onion Catering (sandwiches/salads/pastries) and Hammerhead Coffee Roasters. You can buy by the slice or pie. There are 20 different pizzas to choose from. Yes, 20.

I have eaten cheese, pepperoni, Josephine’s and Homer’s. I have eaten with cheese and without. They were all excellent. The sauce is fresh and rich, the crust thin – next time I am going to order an Aphrodite = fresh garlic, fresh mozz, fresh spinach, feta, olive oil and sliced roma tomatoes. Maybe I’ll feel like one after? Stop it!

Nico’s Pizza Corner of Smith & Northwest, Bellingham     360-306-8137     Open daily 11am-8pm

September 22, 2009

Harvest Moon Bakery in Maple Falls

In the Nutcracker, children have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. I have visions of Harvest Moon treats dancing in my head after devouring a berry scone! The Beals and  Betsy Swanson are baking up your dream in Maple Falls. So, if you’re in the mood for a drive and your car can tackle the chance of weather – GO!  The Pacific Northwest, where weather is as variable as the Northern Isles.

It was a required stop on our way down from Mount Baker. I think it should be a required stop ANY time. Think family of five after having walked Artist Point and Mount Baker overlooks.

It is a cozy space decorated in cheery oranges and yellows. Artsy accents pepper the space making it feel very homey. The scones are marvelous and the pastry, pie choices abound. Everything is made fresh daily and it’s baking at its best – from SCRATCH. You’ll also find soup and sandwiches, biscuits and gravy on the weekends, chicken and potato empanadas.

Harvest Moon Bakery     7466 Mt Baker Hwy, Maple Falls     360-599-1347     Open daily 7-5

September 20, 2009

Pierogi Heaven Discontinued @ TJ’s

Please share your Trader Joe’s discontinued and seasonal experiences with me. This way we can adjust our shopping lists accordingly without multiple visits to the service desk.

The pierogis have been discontinued. Why? Not enough Eastern European’s buying it? It was a weekly staple in my house. Potato dumplings. How could I go wrong? They go with everything and could stand alone. I will have to scout out a new source because I certainly don’t have time to make them. You notice the writing gaps for this blog. It is not my only form of recreation. I eat, too.

In February, Alan Rhodes (LOVE him) mentioned Kira’s Grill in a Cascadia Weekly opinions article.

Located in a dismal shopping center near the Blaine truck crossing, this Ukranian cafe serves up pierogis to die for and the best borscht this side of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi. Leave room for the fried sauerkraut, another life changing experience.

I will report back on MY findings soon.

Kira’s Grill 1733 H St #420  Blaine WA     360-332-2240
Open daily 11am-7pm

September 7, 2009

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen Bellingham, WA

Had lunch with a lovely woman today. The sun shone, we dined outdoors, the conversation never lagged. Interesting stories were swapped and anecdotal habits of partners. We ate well and wondered about those of us that didn’t care much for eating. They could take it or leave it. For me it is an obvious passion my partner sometimes shares with me. So to hear of someone ‘forgetting’ to eat, I wonder: Just what are they eating to feel satiated throughout a day? Her partner preferred sunflower seeds. Roasted with sea salt. And beer. I thought, WOW, a comfort food combo I would enjoy, too.

Which then reminded me about the FANTASTIC meal Tom and I had at the Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen last week. Chuckanut Brewery is owned by Mari and Will Kemper. They hail from the Thomas Kemper brewery in Paulsbo. This is quality above and beyond. This is a serious place of malts and hops. On tap:  Dortmunder, Dunkel, Kolsch  (Tuesday Night Special), Marzen, Organic Amber Ale, Helles, Organic Pale Ale. To compliment the ales and lagers, Chef Chad Bowes presents many temptations sourcing locally. A NY boy (love ’em) who entered the restaurant biz on LBI, NJ before making his way West.

Marie, the hostess, was wonderful; friendly, helpful and a sense of humor. We could sit at the bar, near the bar or the main dining area adjacent to the open kitchen. If you’ve read past posts, you will know I enjoy watching men cook! So we sat near the kitchen and the smells were delicious. The space looks like it was big enough to hold a fire engine. The walls are light colored with lots of windows, light. Be prepared to halt conversation, not just to sip your brew, but to allow for the freight train to pass.

Our server was very nice. She explained brew and food pairings and was very unobtrusive. Tom had the Brewmaster’s Meatloaf: Misty Isles beef, homemade gravy, summer roasted veggies, garlic mashed red potatoes. He drank the Dunkel lager. I ate the South of the Border Yamburrito. It was HUGE! Yams, roasted garlic, cabbbage, carmelized onions, Jack cheese and corn in a flour tortilla topped with tomatillo salsa. It was served with rice and black beans, as was my dinner AND my breakfast the next morning. Ok, my secret is out. I eat my dinner leftovers for breakfast the next day. So what. It’s a step above the French onion sour cream dip and ridged potato chips I use to eat for breakfast after one of my mother’s dinner parties. My sister used to eat the cakes. Mom never told us not to…

Chuckanut Brewery Starters include mini seafood tacos, savory goat cheese pie (Holmquist Hazelnut crust), chips & Chuckanut Brewery salsa, roasted yam fries.

Chuckanut Brewery Soups – Chad’s Chuckanut Chowder has clams and smoked salmon and there is a vegetarian soup of the day. Salad is by DeVine’s: field greens, caesar, Thai sweet chili beef or Southwest blackened buffalo tri-tip (Twisted Ranch Buffalo).

Chuckanut Brewery Lunch serves sandwiches, burritos, brats or Wood Stone pizza’s made with NW ‘Shepherd’s Grain Flour’.

Chuckanut Brewery Dinner – see above, and add BBQ Beef, crab cakes, mac& cheese.

Chuckanut Brewery DESSERT is homemade and varies by the season/week. Tom and I shared a Dunkel Chocolate Truffle with chocolate ganache and mountain berry sauce. It was excellent. Our other choices were Rainier cherry & nectarine marscarpone cream tart w/almond graham cracker crust; Chocolate bread pudding w/mountain berry sauce & fresh whipped cream.

I know I keep sayinghow either this restaurant is a favorite, or that one is… but now Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen is my favorite for its BREW & STEW!

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen  601 W Holly St  Bellingham WA  360-75-BEERS  open daily @ 11:30

August 10, 2009

Fairhaven Fish & Chips

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Think big red British bus with outdoor picnic tables and fresh fresh fresh fish served by Vicki and you’ve arrived at Jacci’s Fairhaven Fish & Chips in Bellingham, WA. Walk up to the bus window and place your order. It’s an easy menu: clam chowder (fresh daily) or salmon, halibut, cod or chicken with chips and cole slaw (fresh daily). They’ll call you when it’s ready – have a seat and soak up, hmm, depending on the time of year, sun or rain. Or you could get your order to go. She also serves over 24 flavors of soft ice cream, milkshakes and floats. Indulge!

I am a HUGE fish and chips fan (although I trade my chips  for slaw). Everywhere I go to eat I check the fish selection. In Fairhaven, Vicki serves the tastiest fish and chips. Just ask my daughter, it’s her favorite place for it, too.

Jacci’s Fairhaven Fish and Chips 1020 Harris Ave   Fairhaven WA  98225  M-Sat 11-7 Sun 12-5     360-733-5021

Photo delivered via Robin Dudes Flickr photostream

Photo delivered via Robin Dude's Flickr photostream

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