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September 23, 2009

Nico’s Pizza @ Greene’s Corner

Nico is a dog. Really! The owner of Greene’s Corner named the pizza place after his dog! But the pizza served here is worthy of more human consumption, though maybe the dog likes it, too; I don’t know. I gave Nico’s more than one visit just to be sure the first time wasn’t just a REALLY good day. But hands down, if you’re traveling up Northwest just past the soccer fields, have some of the pizza. It is the tastiest in Bellingham. I think so, and I have eaten A LOT of pizza pizza pizza in Bellingham. It is a staple in my diet.

The space is bright and airy (see open garage door). There are table clothed picnic tables and individual tables. Nico’s Pizza shares the space with Fool’s Onion Catering (sandwiches/salads/pastries) and Hammerhead Coffee Roasters. You can buy by the slice or pie. There are 20 different pizzas to choose from. Yes, 20.

I have eaten cheese, pepperoni, Josephine’s and Homer’s. I have eaten with cheese and without. They were all excellent. The sauce is fresh and rich, the crust thin – next time I am going to order an Aphrodite = fresh garlic, fresh mozz, fresh spinach, feta, olive oil and sliced roma tomatoes. Maybe I’ll feel like one after? Stop it!

Nico’s Pizza Corner of Smith & Northwest, Bellingham     360-306-8137     Open daily 11am-8pm

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