Meals You Can Count On

Everyone is busy during a Pacific Northwest Summer. It makes the Thanksgiving and Christmas season look low key. You have to live here to understand. When the sun comes out and begins to warm Bellingham, it’s like we’re all drugged. We just CANNOT stay inside! There is a mania gripping one and all to get OUT OUT OUT while you can. And we sure do. Climb a mountain, kayak the sea, bike the trails, run the paths, swim the lakes. It’s MARVELOUS!

One thing is also for sure. With all the activity there is a constant need for fuel. See FOOD. I don’t want to be prepping in the kitchen while there is a water balloon fight happening outside my window! I want to pop off the kids and spouse – it feels great! But, we need to eat at least 5 meals. You think that’s nuts? 2 adults, 2 teens and one approaching her age of reason. We eat a lot.

My weekly standbys:

2  4 lb chickens, roasted
1-2 lbs wild salmon, broiled
1/2 lb deli RB from the Co-op
3 dozen eggs
1 pizza

Add a denizen of fresh and freshly frozen fruits and Joe’s Garden/Rabbit Field’s Farm produce and we’re pretty much set.


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#1 Bellyhamster on 07.24.09 at 4:15 pm

For that roast beef, keep a loaf of sprouted multigrain bread in the frig (high protein/raw content.. like Ezekial bread) and a tub of Trader Joe’s hummus.

Makes for a quick and satisfying high-protein sandwich between activities (use hummus instead of mayo, add dark greens as lettuce, thin-sliced local tomato when available).

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