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November 20, 2008

What kind of experience do u get?

My friend, Renee, has a rant. When she goes out for meals or drinks, the service is not good. Recently she went to Le Chat Noir (Black Cat) in Fairhaven. The server had amnesia when it came to Renee’s orders, but not anyone else’s in their party. Now, Renee is NOT stuck up or rude. And, I’ve discovered her experience is not isolated.

Tom told me a story about a guy who always got bad service whenever he dined out. He then decided to only eat at an establishment where he knew the owners and/or servers well. From that time on, his experiences improved.

So, is it the server, the establishment or the expectations of the diner? Could be any and all. However, it’s my currency and I have big ears; I won’t dine at an establishment too big for its boots.

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