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September 10, 2008

Mambo Italiano

I’ve been car shopping. I saw you make that face. Yep, it’s like Robin Williams in the coffee aisle having a heart attack over the selection (Moscow On the Hudson).

Well, RJ, the Wilson Toyota car dealer, was Mr. no pressure and great company. We started talking food: the lack of a really good Jewish deli in Bellingham and his favorite place for lasagna, Mambo Italiano. I ate at Mambo Italiano with Wendy during the Fairhaven pink shopping days event last year. The service was friendly and the food very good. Wendy and I had a great time what with all the women out and about, fashion shows wandering past the tables – a general sense of revelry.

Now, I’ll have to revisit the restaurant to test RJ’s opinion. After all, he let me test drive 2 Toyotas with a really happy kindergartener in the back. What a guy.

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