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Shahrazad House of Kabobs Bellingham WA

I’ve been curious about Shahrazad‘s for quite some time. Tucked away on Holly between metal & tats and brews in the old Mallard’s footprint, it’s easy to miss. But I’m lucky because I can experience their Persian cuisine at the Saturday Bellingham Farmer’s Market.

The big plate offerings vary week to week at the Market and pleases the explorer in me. Today’s combo was chicken tenders (soooo fresh and crunchy), 18 hour BBQ beef brisket (gave Speak E-Z’s a run for the money) and vegan red beans and rice (sauteed with onion and garlic) with a salad. I was cheshire (as in cat) for the rest of the day.

Right now, today, Shahrazad is my favorite restaurant in Bellingham. I thanked the cook profusely for cooking for me (it was Sunday dinner as a kid – fully satiated).

She (Danielle Kuzemzadeh) makes falafel, too. That’s next on my list.

207 Holly St


The Galley at Trader Joe’s in Bellingham WA

I know it’s not a restaurant, but Trader Joe’s is a local eatery in my book. Anytime I’m needing a snack, I can go to the Galley at Trader Joe’s. They always serve a well balanced sample. Today’ menu: mini meatballs in marinara sauce with fusilli pasta, ginger snap cookies and strawberry lemonade. And the Trader Joester will never shoo you away if you have thirds or fourths.

My favorite Trader Joester is Bruce. I remember on Fourth of July he was in charge of the “Bruce-B-Q” for the employees Fourth of July party that day. He’s a really happy camper. He plays banjo among other instruments in the group ‘The Librarians’. Sometimes you can catch them at Honeymoon.

Mediterranean Specialties Cafe and Goods

I grew up in the melting pot of NYC. I am a first generation American, English my second language (my Dad’s tenth). The comforting aromas of ethnic cooking and stores were always available to me growing up. To eat REAL falafel, you went to a Lebanese market. To eat REAL marinara, you went to an Italian market. To eat REAL bratwurst, you went to a German market. To eat REAL chopped chicken liver, you went to the Jewish deli. etc If you want to understand this, pay a visit to Mediterranean Specialties Cafe and Goods.

The owners are what my mother would call excellent cooks with class. No one uses the word CLASS anymore. I know why – a few people are born with it and the rest of us have to want to cultivate it. My mother was raised Hungarian. Hungarians are known for there mathematicians, composers and, foremost, their hospitality. If a Hungarian invites you to a party, don’t walk, RUN.

I devour the homemade falafel at Mediterranean Specialties. Only I could make fresher hummus – delish. And the soup is always HOT and satisfying. The self seating area is bright and clean – a great place to meet a pal and trade stories.

Nahla Gholem is co-owner with her sister (I’ve heard) and are originally from Lebanon (many years past) and wears sharp glasses from LINKS on James Street. She was VERY friendly towards my mother when we visited. The inside scoop on that is: immigrants who speak English with an accent will show great respect toward others of the same. There is so little of it otherwise in America, from my own experience.

Mediterranean Specialties Cafe is @ 505 32nd st. Call 360-738-6895.

Cafe Caffe

Cafe Caffe in Meridian Village at 3908 Meridian Street in Bellingham, for coffee, danish, breakfast and catered food for offices. Have to check it out soon.