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September 3, 2008

The Galley at Trader Joe’s in Bellingham WA

I know it’s not a restaurant, but Trader Joe’s is a local eatery in my book. Anytime I’m needing a snack, I can go to the Galley at Trader Joe’s. They always serve a well balanced sample. Today’ menu: mini meatballs in marinara sauce with fusilli pasta, ginger snap cookies and strawberry lemonade. And the Trader Joester will never shoo you away if you have thirds or fourths.

My favorite Trader Joester is Bruce. I remember on Fourth of July he was in charge of the “Bruce-B-Q” for the employees Fourth of July party that day. He’s a really happy camper. He plays banjo among other instruments in the group ‘The Librarians’. Sometimes you can catch them at Honeymoon.

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