Avenue Bread & Cafe: Downtown Bellingham, Fairhaven & Sunnyland

I buy a lot of bread. A grilled cheese sandwich = 2 slices x 5 people. You get the idea. Avenue Bread bakes delicious bread. They have some competition, but that’s what keeps them all on their toes.

We like the French Italian and the Rye. We are an opened-minded family. The crust is firm and the inside soft. However, the draw might forever be the beautiful acapella I’ve heard from a guy wearing an apron. A man who sings, bakes and serves. Perfection.

Avenue Bread offers breakfast and lunch – very fresh with delicious combinations of ingredients. Don’t pass on the desserts, you’ll be sorry.

Note: Avenue Bread is listed on our Bagels in Bellingham page.

FYI:   Avenue Bread 2 for $3 @ Grocery Outlet

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