Wonder Burrito@Super Mario’s Food

It was the lure of the Wonder Burrito at Super Mario’s Food restaurant.  Driving in 30 mph winds was not going to stop me. Is this weather crazy or what? Watch that falling tree! My kids teacher is obsessing about the tree in front of their house, convinced it will fall on them. But back to the burrito story.

It was a veggie Wonder Burrito. It smelled wonderful, it was 3 meals HUGE and had a kitchen sink full of roasted vegetables. I am not kidding. Go get one for yourself and a buddy – their website has a coupon, buy 1 get 1 half off. And if you visit at the right time, you’ll sample pastelitos (pastries). I tried a pastry that was long and flat, dusted with rose crystal sugar. It was very good. I also had a pastry that looked like a round empanada, pastelitos de pina. They were pineapple cakes with sugared pineapple inside – YUM. At 2 for $1 my son figured we should get 20. Suuure.

The burrito had roasted broccoli, carrots, seasoned rice, avocado, zucchini, jalepenos, cabbage and I don’t know what else. I ate half for lunch and the rest for dinner and now I’m remembering to take a picture of it. Oh, well. I’ll just have to go back and get another one!

My son ordered tacos carne asada (seasoned steak) and it came with beans (mashed) and yellow rice. The little taste he afforded me proved delicious. Combine the beans and rice – too good.

#1  Pupusa – stuffed corn tortilla
#2  Wonder Burrito – see above
#3  Tacos
#4  Quesadillas
#5  Classic burrito
#6  Torta – fresh baked bun with filling
#7  Tamales – my favorite is lots of work so call ahead
#8  Fajitas
#9  Taquitos
#10 Carne asada – see above
#11 Grilled chicken – can get as a family meal

Super Mario’s Food
888-499-3646     3008 Northwest Ave, Bellingham     M-Sun 11-10

Beef Bourguignon

When people ask me if I cook, I pause, I think:  doesn’t EVERYONE have to eat? Doesn’t everyone cook?

Sometimes a meal is Avenue Bread pizzas. And then sometimes, like today, a meal will be beef bourguignon. Pizzas I cook. Beef bourguignon I COOK. Maybe that’s why I love living in the Pacific Northwest: when the sun disappears in October I can stay in without guilt and COOK.

Why am I cooking a meal that takes 5 hours to complete? Because ever since Tom and I went to The Vines Du Jour Bistro and sampled Michael’s braised NY steak w/chanterelles & yam terrine, I’ve gotten a bit desperate trying to duplicate it. It was perfection.

Well, I took a little break from writing this post to get back to COOKING. Completed the recipe and Tom said it was a lovely beef. It is a satisfying duplicate of Michael’s, though STILL not as good. If at first I don’t succeed…well, you know how it goes.

Super Mario Foods – Not a Truck

Heads up – one of my favorite food trucks now has a building to serve its customers in! Super Mario Foods opened the beginning of the month and the parking lot has been packed since. Clue: very good sign of freshness and business. Who wants to go?

They serve traditional Salvadoran cuisine. A signature dish is pupusas: thick tortilla stuffed with meat, beans or cheese. The burrito is called a ‘Wonder” with many filling choices and ditto for fajitas. It’s the same kitchen the food for the TRUCK is made, so it will be good. Visit the website and print the coupon and GO!

3008 Northwest Ave, Bellingham     888-499-3646     Mon-Sun 11-10

Fiamma Burger

Fiamma Fiamma Fiamma. You want a pizza? Go to Railroad & Chestnut. You want a burger? Go to Railroad & Holly.

I visit often. The menu seems to expand each time. I’m sitting here looking at an old menu. They’ve added kids deals, Hempler dogs, junior sizes, chili and my favorite – salmon burger. I haven’t tasted a better one yet. Combined with sweet potato fries it is a perfect meal for me. Sometimes I admit to CRAVING it. AND everyone in my family can find something they like. Although pizza is always king with my kids, burgers and dogs are not far behind.

I am particular, though, and so is Fiamma. The beef is Misty Isle Farms, the salmon is wild Alaska Sockeye, the dogs are Hempler’s all-natural beef, the buns are homemade, the greens are local & organic. And they have a zero waste policy. I have a 3 gallon can – working on it.

If you are looking for meatless days, options would be their excellent veggie burger and the sides.  Heck, a gourmet meal for me would be the onion rings and sweet potato fries. Done.

You’ll soon see us at Fiamma Burger.

Fiamma Burger
360-733-7374     1309 Railroad Ave, Bellingham
M-Th 11:30-9:30  F-Sat to 11pm  Sun 12-9:30

Bowl ‘n Roll – Back East BBQ

The options and variations never end – it still tastes SO good. Bowl ‘n Roll has included its Farmer’s Market specials to its menu. I’ve sampled most of them and always come away with a surprised smile. Soo good! How does she do that??

  • Jamaican Jerked Chicken – 1/2 chicken
  • Texas BBQ Beef Brisket – 1/2 lb
  • Smoked Ribs – oh how I loved ribs when I was pregnant…I was a regular at Pal’s Cabin in West Orange, NJ.
  • Persian Lamb & Beef Kabob – I’ve had the vegan version of this: mushroom & yam at the Farmer’s Market – excellent!
  • Cuban Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • BBQ Brisket Sandwich

I’ve eaten BBQ at Bowl ‘n Roll, Speak Ez’s Memphis BBQ and Bayou on the Bay. They are all delicious, especially since each BBQer has there own recipes. It all depends what you’re in the mood for…which reminds me of the Bacon Explosion BBQ. There are no words.

Bowl ‘n Roll Back East BBQ
360-733-9355     207 E Holly St, Bellingham
M-F 11:30-8;  Sat @ Bellingham Farmers Market 10-3