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November 20, 2009

Magdalena’s Creperie

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Magdalena’s crepes are beautiful inside and out. They are fresh, light and help me miss my mother a little less.

Magdalena's Creperie Fairhaven/Bellingham

Magdalena's Creperie Fairhaven/Bellingham

I went for breakfast. The setting was serene and welcoming:  chocolate and cream color schemes, high ceilings and warm greetings upon entering. A butter cookie will be nestled on the saucer of your teacup when your hot pot of Dilmah Earl Grey tea is served. The scent of the bergamot was energizing and luscious.

I ate a savory crepe of mushrooms and onions with sour cabbage. It made me feel nostalgic for childhood meals. It was delicious. Tom ate a Breakfast Crepe:  egg, asparagus, tomato and arugula with capers, mozarella, brie and smoked salmon. The portion was generous in size, flavor and texture. And then, she indulged us with a chocolate crepe and strawberries.

I’m in love.

Magdalena has come here from Poland to elevate your dining experience. You should be very thankful. I know I am.

The menu has savory crepes; I will try the mushroom, onion and lentils with horseradish sauce my next visit. You may like spinach, onion, blue cheese and smoked salmon with olives and capers. There are many wonderful combinations/choices.

There are also baked crepes served with green salad dressed with oil and balsamic vinegar (my favorite). I would try asparagus and prossciutto topped with bechamel sauce. Or maybe bolognaise filling topped with mozzarella, parmesan and bechamel sauce.

I grew up with sweet crepes. During Lent, my mother would make palacsintas or Hungarian crepes. I would grind the walnuts in a hand crank grinder. She would mix them with sugar and sprinkle the apricot jelly filled crepes with it. YUM! Magdalena serves sweet crepes filled with jam or Nutella, fruit or warm applesauce, vanilla cream cheese or vanilla ice cream. I can go on and on…

And then, there is Magda’s Delicious crepes! These are chocolate crepes filled with ice cream or vanilla cream cheese or mascarpone and fruit and nuts and powdered sugar! Oh, my!

She also serves sandwiches:  bruschetta with tomato, garlic, olive oil, fresh cilantro and mozzarella, grilled vegetable, arugula, Camembert and Philadelphia cream cheese are two examples.

Stumptown Coffee is served and Numi or Dilmah Tea. Drinks include lemonade with mint, carrot orange or grapefruit juice and a mix of carrot, orange and ginger juice.

Magdalena is particular about her ingredients. She wants to present the dishes as authentically as she can, but explains the available Philadelphia brand cream cheese is salty compared with the quark cheese she wants to use. Quark cheese is not the same as cream cheese. It is similar to curd cheese. It is soft, white, un-aged, has a low fat content and no salt added. She has suppliers lined up and hopes to introduce this Eastern European cheese in the near future.

Magdalena’s Creperie, review

360-483-8569     1200 10th St, Bellingham
Open daily 7am – 3pm

FYI  Magdalena will host a Romanian Day the first weekend in December. She has a Romanian friend cooking up some dishes to share with us. These along with Magdalena’s pierogis will send you to your happy place.


  1. She stacked a set of chocolate crepes and sliced it like a piece of pie, and the multiple thin layers of creep was better than any layer cake I’ve ever had. Not sure what the thin layer of “glue” was between crepe layers, but it was unobtrusive yet perfectly moistened the “cake” slice. If I can order a full cake from here like that, I think I’ve discovered the perfect foodie/sophisticate birthday cake!

    Keep up the great local food blog… I really enjoy the personality you put into your Bellingham restaurant reports.

    Comment by Tom — November 27, 2009 @ 3:04 pm

  2. Oh, I peeked at the menu at Magdalena’s when I was in Fairhaven yesterday. Can’t wait to eat there! It is next on our family’s list of restaurants to try. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Comment by Laura — December 23, 2009 @ 11:50 am

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