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June 6, 2008

Calico Cupboard in Mount Vernon Washington

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We’re looking to add to the family. NO, not more children; a dog. We went to visit the most adorable puppies on the face of the earth, doodles, in Mount Vernon. I can’t call them purebread because they’re a mix. I can’t call them mutts because their parents are purebreads. So they’re called doodles. Well, they were tons of fun and we left them to mull over which we loved the best.

We tried to decide over lunch at Calico Cupboard. I expected calico designs and cupboards of china and servers in pioneer garb, but it was simple country.

Our server was all nice and smiles and was patient while we tried to pick from the variety on the menu. To be perfectly honest, our eyes kept straying to the dessert cabinet. It reminded us of Serendipity in NYC. A place I fondly remember. My partner (pal back then) always let me get two desserts because I couldn’t decide.

We ordered kids’ mac and cheese, kids’ grilled cheese, clam chowder, beef and cabbage soup, and 2 half sandwiches (more variety, not more filling) of roast turkey and veggie avocado. And green salad. Well, the soup was perfect – too hot to eat first. Our salad was cold, crunchy and good. The soup was fresh and tasty. The roast turkey got a thumbs up from my girlfriend and my veggie avocado sandwich on thick homemade bread was great. The kids’ cheese dishes disappeared, and my sample of it was yummy.

We got dessert to go (a little pressed for time – always squeezing as much living into life we can). The kids ate monster sugar cookies in the car and I watched my girlfriend eat her pecan fudge pie with satisfaction (she shared while I drove back to Bellingham). I ate my slice after dinner later that night. It is, without doubt, one of the BEST pies I’ve ever eaten. Fresh, a little sweet, a little fudge, a little crunch. It was perfect.

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