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June 8, 2008

Donut shops in Bellingham WA

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Growing up in Queens (NY), a regular trek to Dunkin’ Donuts was the norm. My Mom, sister and I would walk the mile, sit, eat, talk and walk the mile back home. The ONLY way for us to justify all we ate.

After transplanting to Northern NJ, Krispy Kreme, aaaah…but there was no walking. No comment.

Now, here I am in the Great Pacific Northwest and what should I find? Within walking distance is Lafeen‘s Donuts. Lafeen’s has been around for a long time. Quiet, relaxed, picnic tables with table clothes and so many different yummy donuts. The kids and I like to spend quality time together there after running wild at Whatcom Falls Park across the street. Just continuing a family tradition…

And then, last year, another donut shop opened up. This one in downtown Bellingham: Rocket Donuts.

Well, I know a 5 year old who likes to go there just for the posters and talking ROBOT. They have a whole sci-fi theme going with Buck Rogers on the screen. The kid didn’t even like donuts. Well, my daughter and I made up for that. The all time favorite was at Valentine’s Day. The donut had a chocolate covered cherry in its hole. Rocket Donuts doesn’t just bake dozens of ‘regular’ donuts, they make ‘holiday’ ones too. Yum…

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