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August 23, 2008


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Yes, I experienced half an hour of it today at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market. I could say it was because of the chocolate babka I Indulged in from The Breadfarm. But it was because I stood mesmerized by 4 easy on the eyes guys in harmony.

My favorite music is a cappella. It is singing minus instruments. Their sound was beautiful and I just couldn’t get enough. When I asked them if they knew the music from Rockapella their eyes lit up. Someone from their generation appreciated their sound. They nodded and said Joe was their expert. They didn’t all know my request ‘Zombie Jamboree’, but they did know ‘Under the Boardwalk’. You should have heard the hooting and hollering when they were done!

I asked if they were the guys I had just read about in the Klipsun (back of the rag, but I read backwards) and they were happy for the recognition. U4eeuh is an a cappella barbershop quartet (their garb is more casual than the red pinstripes from generations ago). Drew said Joe got most of his quotes in the article, but I was glad I had found out about them and had the luck to hear them live local.

4 guys crooning – maybe they’ll send a tickle up your spine, too.

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