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June 24, 2009

Ice Cream, Donuts & Cupcakes in Bellingham

Treats. What kind of parent would you be if you didn’t take the kids out to eat treats? Here are my suggestions:

Mallard Ice Cream. In my house I just have to say ‘quack’ and they run for the door. Pavlov’s dogs. Mallard Ice Cream makes the best ice cream in Bellingham with seasonal flavor combinations. They also have delicious ices if you want to pass on dairy. Sit on the sofa next to the fire place next to the kiddie size table and chairs. After the ice cream is gone wash up is a snap at the sinks outside of the restrooms. Then choose a game from the shelf and play. Remember: play is FUN work whether you’re a child or adult! Mon-Fri open @ 8:30am Sat & Sun 11am. Located downtown Bellingham 1323 Railroad Ave.

Rocket Donuts is a lot of fun to go to. The store is retro styled sci-fi Buck Rogers with movie posters, his movies and a GIANT SILVER ROBOTMAN that talks. The donuts taste really good, too! The coffee is excellent (don’t give the kid any) and they feature a donut of the month. Decadent. 7 days 8am-4pm located downtown Bellingham @ the corner of Holly & Bay.

Katie’s Cupcake is too cute and yummy to miss. The shop is bright with whites and pastels and polka dots. The cupcakes are too good and come in 2 sizes: jr and you. She serves Spice Hut Teas which are excellent. And remember to sit and play a game from the shelf. My daughter chose chess. And then the noisy duck duck goose game. Go figure! Tues-Thurs 11am-7pm, Fri-Sun 11-4 (til 9pm Sat) located in downtown Fairhaven @ 1105 Harris Ave.

Take every opportunity to create positive experiences. Food, hike, water, snowball. It’s Bellingham – take your pick!

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