Food, Inc.

The Pickford Cinema was showing Food, Inc. last week. I was satisfied when I walked out. Satisfied? Yes. I have travelled down many a food lane in my life. I was raised on traditional Hungarian fare (see: Food fried in LARD). I graduated to double big macs and fries. The kids even got McD stock at birth from the my parents! I was satisfied because I knew about most everything in the movie. I was ignorant about Monsanto trademark’s impacting US farmers.

And guess what? According to Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, the golden arches is responsible for the industrialization of the food served in their restaurants. McDonald’s makes Walmart look good! But, I don’t want to be a spoiler. It was informative about factory farming, animal slaughter and processing. My favorite part was the comparison between the Shenandoah Valley organic farmer’s practices vs. the industrial factory farms. It’s not pretty to watch. But, I ask you: is ignorance bliss?

PS I WON another free pint from Mallard! Everyone wants to rub my arm and catch some of THAT luck! Cherry ice. TO DIE FOR!


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