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May 12, 2009

Cupcakes: Vegan & Gluten Free

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If you have a family with food intolerances (a negative physical reaction to an ingredient) such as wheat and cow’s milk products, how do you relearn your cooking and baking? Well, this was the conundrum I faced over a decade ago. I turned to my local health food store: Fountain of Vitality in Chatham, NJ. It was small, but chock full of EVERYTHING I needed. I discovered rice milk, wheat free grains and affordable organic foods. I was definitely an oddity among the majority, but my kids were calm, happy and excelling in school. The more I learned about pesticides herbicides and GMO’s, the more dedicated a shopper I became.

My Mother always said:  “Good food is expensive.

She wasn’t kidding. Then our neighborhood became ‘desirable’ (the train became a direct connect to Wall St) and Wild Oats moved in; then Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. All these markets worked hard to price competitively (who could blame them with all the bankers and brokers suddenly at their door) and SO did I. I shopped everywhere – good thing it was a small town!

I still live in what I call a small town (I grew up in NYC) and I have a PHENOMENAL Community Food Co-op in Bellingham. So if you are new to the alternative food scene, please be aware that your options are wide with many people eager to help teach and guide. And if you’re wired to the web, READ. Your world will change.

Read the Whole Foods Market Blog for your blueprint to substituting ingredients. And here’s your recipe: Frosted Spice Cupcakes.

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