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March 28, 2009

Coconut Bliss

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My younger son and I were shopping at the Community Food Co-op Cordata store this morning. We were taking advantage of the sales before the month’s end. Plus we were having good luck with the new coupon book – there were many coupons for items we regularly purchase. As he pushed the cart down the last aisle, his eyes lit on the desserts. He brought me a container with something chocolate in it. How did he know I would love to share it with him? On 1 condition: haircut after shopping. “Sure”, he said!

Coconut Bliss: coconut, coconut milk, chocolate, brown sugar. The baker magically combined four ingredients and created this delectable dessert. We fervently applaud the bakers at the Community Food Co-op. I would give you the name of the baker, but there are a few who could have made it today. Then, I paused for thought and asked him, “Did you know you were choosing something gluten free and vegan”? He said he knew about the gluten free part, but didn’t know what vegan meant. I explained: Vegan = no animal products. And vegan products are a quick way to find dairy free foods.

We’ve been on a bit of a diet overhaul around here (they’re all so patient with me!). I was trying to organize who in the household was sensitive or allergic to what foods. What with the 5 of us, it had become too confusing until I found a reference to blood type diets at the end of Ann Louise Gittleman‘s nutrition book. Since reading the Dr. Peter J. D’adamo nutrition books, everyone in my house is feeling VERY good – which is a coup with children and schooling! Hence, my son being aware of his ‘gluten-free’ status. We are not strictly adhering, but I’ve learned to teach the children (and adults) that eating certain foods = optimum (sport) performance. Not a hard sell. FYI: hockey, lacrosse, mountain biking, swimming, sailing…


  1. I LOVE coconut and that sounds delicious! I will have to keep my eyes out next time I am at the Co-op. Sounds like your son has good taste. 🙂

    Comment by CM — April 2, 2009 @ 12:37 pm

  2. …and I thought you meant “Coconut Bliss”, the vegan ice cream made from Coconuts! They use agave syrup (rather than brown sugar).

    Those Coconut Bliss Cookies would go great with Coconut Bliss ice cream, i bet. 🙂

    and yes…sons have good taste.

    Comment by a coco bliss lover — April 9, 2009 @ 3:14 pm

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