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January 14, 2011

A Valentine’s Pure Bliss

Make your reservations NOW! Pure Bliss Desserts is a new dessert restaurant in Bellingham. Tom and I went there after having an excellent meal at Du Jour Bistro. Near the Pickford Film Center, keep looking until you see the store front with an antique peach fridge in the window. We walked in and were thrilled with everything about it: silky peach upholstered couches and drapes (sexy), retro black crystal chandeliers and a glass case filled with delectables.

A perfect place to date.

I noticed a beautiful cake (chocolate peanut butter) on a stand in the middle of one of the tables. The URGE to slide my finger against its edge was overwhelming! but I resisted. What was it doing out on a table, within easy reach? Was it real? Was it unclaimed?

I asked the guy at the counter (Nick) if the cake was real. He laughed – said, “Yes!” “So, I shouldn’t slide my finger in the frosting?” I asked. He shook his head to gently admonish me. Later, a group of women showed up to claim the table and  dug in to it, Happy Birthday!!

Nick is the VERY friendly owner of Pure Bliss Desserts, along with his baker wife, Andi. There was so much to choose from and he helped us narrow it down.

Tom and I shared a huge slice of Creamy Coconut cake. It is a creamy vanilla cake topped with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut flakes. This is the cake from childhood birthday parties before Duncan Hines and Costco said it was okay to redefine the word “cake”. Trust me, the kiddies KNOW the difference. So even though they’ll suck down box cake, when they get a taste of scratch, that’s the one they ask for as their birthday cake.

I can’t wait until strawberries are in season – take a look at the Strawberry Short Cake picture on their website – a dead ringer for my mom’s! See that?! Those are the kinds of desserts I grew up with! How can I not be in love with this new dessert place? I’ll take my mother the next time she visits; she’ll enjoy it even while she claims her desserts are better!

Cake & Cupcake Flavors:

Chocolate Peanut Butter – chocolate cake w/peanut butter frosting finished w/chocolate ganache
German Chocolate – chocolate cake w/coconut, pecan frosting finished w/chocolate ganache
Peppermint Patty – chocolate cake w/white peppermint cream cheese frosting finished w/chocolate ganache
Triple Chocolate – chocolate cake w/fudgy chocolate frosting finished w/chocolate ganache
Red Velvet – red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting and poured chocolate ganache
Vanilla – moist light crumb vanilla cake w/fudgy chocolate frosting
Lemon Bliss – lemon cake filled and topped w/lemon whipped white chocolate ganache
Banana Spice – sweet spice cake made w/bananas topped w/ spiced cream cheese frosting
Mocha – chocolate cake w/coffe, layered and topped w/creamy mocha frosting, drizzled w/chocolate ganache
Carrot – carrot cake topped w/cream cheese spice frosting, garnished w/toasted walnuts

Now. They also have cheesecakes, tortes, dessert bars, cream scones AND cookies and muffins! Go here for more details.

To wet your whistle, enjoy espresso, coffee, tea, beer, wine, port and dessert wines. A very good selection, well priced. 1-11-11

360-739-1612     1424 Cornwall Ave      M 12-6pm   Tu-Sat 10am-10pm

September 9, 2010

Caponata alla Margret

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I get deliveries from Moondance Farms every Monday evening. CSA boxes are like presents for me. As I sort through all the goodies, I think of favorite recipes. I knew when I saw the eggplant I would make Margret’s recipe for Caponata. It would be the perfect sweet/sour New Year’s dish for Rosh HaShanah.

Margret would make it as an appetizer for family gatherings. It was always fantastic! One Christmas I asked for the recipe and she happily wrote it on the back of  a piece of wrapping paper.

I made it so often the paper didn’t hold up, so I scanned it. Now when I look at it written in her hand writing I smile widely and remember the good times. 9-9-10

Caponata alla Margret


July 30, 2010

The Table, Bellingham WA

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Patience is a virtue that pays off.  I was driving to the library and found The Table open for business!

A long table down the center of the restaurant draws your eye invitingly. Open space, high ceiling, earth tones with wood tables and chairs surround you for casual dining.  A look at the menu had me wanting it all.

Starters: Antipasti Platter or Ralf’s Pretzel & Sausage or Beet Caprese (sliced red beets, goat cheese w/reduced balsamic and basil chiffonade, pepper).

Salads: Spinach-Goat cheese or Caeser or Fusilli Pasta.

Sandwiches: come with a side of fusilli pasta salad – Meatball Grinder (pork/bison), Sausage Sub (grilled w/carmelized onions, portobellos) or Veggie Sandwich (toasted foccacia w/lime-red jalapeno hummus, portobellos, spinach, carmellized onions, goat cheese).

Are you drooling yet? Rumor has it the chef is from NY. Italian chef from NY; now there’s a surprise. Here’s more-

Pasta (of course): Mac ‘n Cheese (fusilli, Twin Brooks cream, mozzarella, Tillamook cheddar in a crock topped w/bread crumbs, browned in oven) opt for Italian sausage mixed in, Spaghetti & Meatballs (bison/pork, house marinara), Pink Vodka Penne or Chicken Cacciatore (over roasted red pepper linguine).

A major + is the beer list. Can you say LOCAL?  They will always have Chuckanut Brewery’s Kolsch (my favorite – see Tuesday’s Kolsch night), Leavenworth Whistling Pig, Yakima Craft Brewery Pale and others.  Reds and whites will vary. The wines are pricey and the Townshend Cellars “Table” Blend disappointing at $9 for a small glass. I would be a regular for Thurston Wolfe caliber wines!

I hope they keep their menu small and varied with the season. I like small plates and large plates,  local sources of good wine and cold beer (see Du Jour Bistro & The Vines – they set the bar). 7-29-10

The Table

360-594-6000     100 North Commercial St     M 11-5 T-Sat 11-9

July 14, 2010

Setting ‘The Table’ @ Bellingham Pasta Company

Update: see The Table Bellingham

Some call it noodles and some call it pasta. I think it depends whether your upbringing had ethnic influences. Pasta is Italian food. Noodles is what everyone else calls the wonderful strands and shapes of wheat dough. In NY and NJ, it was called pasta. Period. And there were so many Italian restaurants, it was impossible to choose. Unless. Unless the pasta was freshly made. Those restaurants won hands down.

And so I am waiting patiently for the opening of Bellingham Pasta Company’s restaurant ‘The Table”. I was driving by the corner of Champion and Commercial last week (old Pacific Cafe space sob sob I still pester Robert Fong). Someone was sitting outside the open door. I chanced a shout out the car window hoping the restaurant was serving. “3 more weeks… maybe”. They will have a retail shop and restaurant in the space.

And so I am waiting patiently. 7-14-10

Bellingham Pasta Co.

360-303-8435  Katie Hinton     360-441-7855  Anna Rankin

November 22, 2009

Nutrition @ Community Food Co-op

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Just to let you know the Community Food Co-op has nutritionist, Tom Malterre, in the store on the following dates:

  • Downtown  Wednesday, Dec 16th from noon-2pm
  • Cordata  Thursday, Dec 17th from noon-2pm

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Tom Malterre has a wealth of information to share. He is a practicing certified nutritionist in Bellingham. He can offer nutritional counseling, education AND personal chef services. He and his wife, Ali Segersten, have a fantastic cookbook  I use often for  its recipes and information on ingredients: The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook.  They also teach classes through the Community Food Co-op.

***Here are some  new dates for January:

  • Cordata:  Tuesday, Jan 5th from 3-5pm
  • Downtown: Wednesday, Jan 6th from 3-5pm
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