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July 14, 2010

Setting ‘The Table’ @ Bellingham Pasta Company

Update: see The Table Bellingham

Some call it noodles and some call it pasta. I think it depends whether your upbringing had ethnic influences. Pasta is Italian food. Noodles is what everyone else calls the wonderful strands and shapes of wheat dough. In NY and NJ, it was called pasta. Period. And there were so many Italian restaurants, it was impossible to choose. Unless. Unless the pasta was freshly made. Those restaurants won hands down.

And so I am waiting patiently for the opening of Bellingham Pasta Company’s restaurant ‘The Table”. I was driving by the corner of Champion and Commercial last week (old Pacific Cafe space sob sob I still pester Robert Fong). Someone was sitting outside the open door. I chanced a shout out the car window hoping the restaurant was serving. “3 more weeks… maybe”. They will have a retail shop and restaurant in the space.

And so I am waiting patiently. 7-14-10

Bellingham Pasta Co.

360-303-8435  Katie Hinton     360-441-7855  Anna Rankin

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  1. Went to preopen of The Table. Lasagne to die for. The peper pasta to take home is worth it. Enormous kitchen, so that they work the wholesale end out of the back1/2. Entry size is so big it invites “family dining” to share, and mix and match. Don”t mis the meat balls ( secret mix of meats) Chef is transplant from New York who loves to ski Mr Baker.
    The house wine has a table on the label by chance, and it is very nice blend for most pasta dishes.

    Comment by Dick Emlaw PDX Or. — July 27, 2010 @ 5:29 pm

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