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June 7, 2008

Bellingham Farmer’s Market

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Saturday’s would be lazy days in my house if it wasn’t for the lure of the Farmer’s Market downtown. Suffice it to say, an invitation to accompany me is never turned down. The Bellingham Farmer’s Market gives my children visions of root beer floats from Mallard’s Ice Cream and nutella filled Ralf’s Bavarian Pretzels.

I look forward to all the food I can sample and I buy our green staples while I’m at it. I also have the bonus of 3 bag carriers. This allows for hands free eating! I was delighted to find the fish tacos from Fairhaven Bay Seafoods. The cod is fresh grilled and wrapped with cabbage (my favorite) and lots of yummy extras. Down and around the corner from them was Shahrazad’s Persian food. The smell of the lamb stew/soup was luscious. I was a bit full of taco, so my partner obliged by ordering some soup to share. It was thick and rich with small chunks of potato and vegetables. Excellent. We were sampling the last batch for the season. It is traditionally a cold weather soup (how apropos for Bellingham) and continuing to make it would seem to want to stretch the season…wouldn’t want that, now would we.

We stopped eating long enough to watch the fire juggling act. I kept pulling the kids back lest they meet with mishap. If you haven’t seen this man, you should — from a distance. His grand finale involves setting a scythe (sÄ«th) blade aflame and balancing the end of the handle on his chin. Amazing. My Mother has a four inch scar on her shin from a scythe she used in the fields on the family farm in Bate, Hungary. As I said, from a distance.

Moving down the aisle, behind the Kettle Korn (not to be missed), was a new booth: Las Margaritas. No, not drinks. Two gents and ladies were serving organic traditional Mexican food. I ordered 1 bean tostada and it tasted fresh and delicious. I spread some homemade salsa on top and added a little fresh pickled cucumber salad. Very good. They provide catering now, but hope to expand in the future.

Time for dessert. Chocolate. Mount Bakery Cafe & Creperie is THE best. I have eagerly eaten breakfasts and lunches in the restaurant and now I could have more at the Market. I bought a chocolate brioche which was divine. It made donuts peasant food (not that I look down on peasant food). I shared because I was full. Not because I love anyone, even though I do.

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