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April 6, 2009

Aunt Madeline & Glazed Crullers

We went to Rocket Donuts. Again! Great location, great service, great food and sci-fi on the screen. Have you seen the talking robot?! Cool! My kids keep ordering the bars:  chocolate bars, maple bars, glazed bars, butter milk bars, twisted sugar bars. Those things are huge!

I just ordered a chocolate cruller. It is my long time favorite. I use to get then at Dunkin’ Donuts when I was a kid; chocolate or just glazed. The baker at Rocket makes them light and airy, not heavy or cakey or too sweet. I could eat a dozen, but am learning less is more. And, I’m happy to make a repeat visit because I know it will be a little treat. Today’s cruller sent me back. Way back, to Aunt Madeline. Crullers were Aunt Madeline’s favorite doughnut, too. Yes, that was the way donut use to be spelled.

I knew Aunt Madeline a LONG time ago. She was an ole lady whose inhibitions had gone dry so we could hear the scoop on who did what to whom way back when. And she didn’t need a sherry to fess up either. She was petite, well dressed and enjoyed the family gatherings. We were looking forward to seeing her one Christmas because the perfect gift sat wrapped for her: a dozen glazed crullers. It was such fun to see her open it! And she started eating them right there and then.

You see, food is what brings our families together. If it wasn’t for the free food, would we really spend time with our relatives? Just kidding!

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