Best Steakhouse in Bellingham, WA

Anybody care to voice an opinion about the Best Steakhouse in Bellingham, Washington?

A steakhouse is primarily a steak restaurant… but in the case of Bellingham, since there are so few (none?), we have to consider “restaurants that serve steak“.


There is an existign post about steakhouses in Bellingham that also only lists closed restaurants, so this is an update thread.


#1 LocalVWMechanic on 08.08.08 at 4:48 pm

Hearthfire Grill can serve a good steak, but the stars and planets have to be aligned properly. I haven’t tried BlackForest Steakhouse yet, but there is so much mudslinging going on around the opening of that place you can’t trust any online reviews you might read… the infighting between the Bellingham and Everson restaurants is likely behind any “the one in Bellingham is terrible and the one in Everson is great” comments, but who knows?

#2 momnson on 08.08.08 at 4:52 pm

We always enjoy Bobs Burger and Brew

#3 Nimbus Restaurant Fan on 08.18.08 at 9:45 pm

I had the best steak ever for the Whatcom County region when I went to Nimbus Restaurant. Perfectly cooked, quality rib eye steak, served hot with a fresh dungeness crab salad.

Update: Nimbus is long closed.

#4 Nimbus Restaurant — A Bellingham Foodie Blog on 08.18.08 at 11:13 pm

[…] House made charcuterie was a delectable shared plate of meats, nuts and pickled vegetables (happens to be just like an evening snack served by my partner). My main course was Pig in a Blanket. Now, just in case you were thinking low, let me elaborate. It was a sous-vide (French for ‘under vacuum’) Carlton Farms pork loin with a root beer blanket, fennel compote, roasted beets and vanilla mashed potatoes. Every bite of it was really delicious. My partner had Steak and Crab Mojito. It was better than mine, but his food always is. It was grilled St. Helen’s ribeye, dungeness crab-lime salad, rum braised cauliflower, mint pesto and arugula. He considered it the Best Steak in Bellingham. […]

#5 Bellingham Diner on 08.23.08 at 10:41 pm

The Bellingham Diner.

#6 Bob Currie on 09.07.08 at 5:34 pm

The Keg, no question…

Update: The Keg is long closed.

#7 aa on 09.24.08 at 3:51 pm

Everson Black Forest. The cuts (thick), aging (27 days), and preparation (hot coals) easily make it the best steakhouse in the county. I can do a steak at my house better than most places in town: Everson Black Forest is the exception.

#8 BellyHamster on 05.21.19 at 5:33 pm

Well, Black Forest is closed, Nimbus is closed, and while we love Al & Debbie (Bellingham Diner) they don’t do steaks. The Keg closed years ago as well.

Dirty Dan’s in Fairhaven does steaks pretty well, and The Loft offers a “Baseball Steak” which is a fat cut sirloin (a but too lean for me, but reasonably priced).

Hard to understand why there aren’t more decent steak options in Belingham, for those on keta or carnivore diets, or those who simply love a good steakhouse.

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