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July 9, 2009

Gandolfo’s NY Deli

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A new deli is coming to town. Gandolfo’s NY Deli will be opening this Fall at 107 E. Stuart Road off Meridian. This franchise is a West Coast phenomenon (there are none in NY). The menu items sport NY/C place names:  Radio City (Music Hall=Rockets), bridges (Brooklyn), counties (The Bronx) and an NYPD Bleu (chicken breast, ham, mozzarella lettuce tomato mayo spicy mustard s&p-hot). I wonder if they’ll have a cheesy 6′ Statue of Liberty lifting a wrapped hoagie greet me at the entrance like the store in Reno, NV.

Gandolfo is an Itlaian name, so this pairs well with NY images. I think it’ll be a touristy spot with kitchish paraphernalia. When they open, I’ll go for a visit and let you know if I feel less homesick for NY than when I eat at Old World Deli

July 4, 2009

Heidi Swanson + Imagination = Super Natural Cooking

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Heidi Swanson‘s blog, 101Cookbooks, and book Super Natural Cooking is for the vegetarian ready to break out. It is so full of imaginative recipes it makes Martha look old-fashioned (no offense). I have made several of her recipes, and one is better than the other. Even the carnivores in my house wear smiles when I serve her dishes.

But today’s recipe took the cake (her cakes are BEYOND, but I’ll talk about them soon):  Giant Crusty and Creamy White Beans with Greens is my kind of way to eat beans and greens. I know. Not a combination to excite, yet this was excellent; it was crispy and creamy and salty and garlicky. Perfection!

And when baking one of her cakes, be prepared for there to be NO leftovers. Relish your portion while you can.

We made the Raspberry Curd Swirl Cake (I used lemon curd from TJ‘s in place of raspberry butter) and due to my impatience, caved it. But, alas, this did not deter any of us from devouring it 4th of July. The week before we made the Sticky Teff-Kissed Spice Loaves. My partner was transported back to sweet sticky childhood as he licked his fingers. Be aware: Heidi’s cake recipes don’t skimp on the sweet. The ingredients are organic and natural in all her recipes. Though, let’s face it, a dessert is dessert; it SHOULD be sweet and decadent. Otherwise, go eat something else.

Heidi Swanson has the benefit of living walking distance from a huge co-op in the heart of San Francisco. She has at her fingertips some very special ingredients: wild rice four, mesquite flour, a dozen types of dried seaweed. She creates some tempting recipes (pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, salads) using them. I’ll be giving it a try soon, and let you know how they tasted.

Here:  give her Otsu recipe a try. It’s delicious! And for dessert Black Bean Brownies. Wendy made them and loved them!

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