My Life, In Acronyms

R.I.C.E. = rest, ice, compression, elevation

B.R.A.T. = bananas, rice, applesauce, tea

I made a joke tonight about how my life has come down to 2 acronyms. I sprained my ankle while hurrying down our hill to take the kids to the bus stop this morning.  They continued down while I struggled back up to home base to R.I.C.E my ankle. Yeah. Luckily I had an ice pack in the freezer and my Aircast from the last time I sprained this ankle on Thanksgiving, 2005. Yes, it is a bum ankle. The doctor advised I proceed from here on  wearing hightops. Keds as prosthetics? At least they come in cool colors.

This school year’s winter was challenging, too. Everyone catches some illness from someone during the winter months. And every so often the stomach flu is it. Hence, B.R.A.T. These are the acronyms of a mother’s life with young children. Memorized so we can assume auto-pilot at the first sign of a symptom. Because if we don’t, whatever we last fed the ill child WILL come back to haunt us until it is purged from their system.

Just some advice I have found necessary in my life. And remember to maintain the stash of non-perishables and water for when I am down and out and they have to pick up where I left off. And they did – admirably!


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