Bacchus Bistro in Langley BC

Just under an hour away, a few miles over the border is Bacchus Bistro, part of the Domaine De Chaberton winery. It’s a French Bistro open for dinner on weekends and lunch all week. Maybe interesting? One of only a handful of restaurants around Bellingham that are rated by Zagats… what are the reviews like?

Well, just a few days ago the Champagne People enjoyed Bacchus. But last summer/fall two other foodies said it was “terrible” and that “It has so much potential but unfortunately the whole package makes it a place worth skipping”. Yuck.

They definitely need help with web marketing, as their winery ranks for the bistro name but doesn’t have the bistro content. I did find a menu of unknown age (PDF file), and then I discovered the Bistro is included in the winery site, buried behind the navigation. See the Bistro info here, and the dinner menu here.

Status? Pass for now.

If you have more to add that would help others decide to visit the Bacchus Bistro (or not), please add your comments below!

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#1 Jen on 04.10.08 at 11:56 am

Hi, the champagne people here….Bacchus really was a fabulous and fabulously delicious experience. The vinegarette on the dressing was to die for (we begged, but couldn’t get the recipe out of them) and the service was intimate and knowledgable. That said, it’s definitely french country and not paris bistro. But toally worth the drive.
Thanks for the ping!

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